Concordia ab Chao – Your Life is a Lie

Philosophy for the 21st century. Conspiracy, spirituality, evolution of consciousness. Discovering freedom, ridding your mind of artificial constructs.

I just moved in here from another website, which hosted my first book Concordia ab Chao. I have just finished my second philosophy book Your Life is a Lie. I’ll add both of my books here for everyone to read for free.

Going through an identity crisis, I wasn’t sure what name to use, but I decided to stick to the name I used in the David Icke forum, Haukipesukone. It’s a weird and mystical Finnish moniker that is like a puzzle that opens another conundrum as you unravel the previous one.

The first book Concordia ab Chao deals with the basics of being human in the 21st century. It attempts to point out how few people have  any idea of what reality is, and how they delude themselves further with religious constructs, abstract ideas that people confuse for reality. Another important observation is the unfortunate prevalence of conspiracies that rule our lives.

Download Concordia ab Chao here

Your Life is a Lie expands on some of the themes in Concordia ab Chao. It focuses on how the lives of most people are a lie. The book deals with three aspects of the lies we are fed; society, the physical world and the lack of psychological understanding in the common man. In many ways Your Life is a Lie is a more simple book than the first one. More concise, and hopefully more effective.

Download Your Life is a Lie here