Life of a Conspiracy Nut

I am a 30 year old Finnish man. I believe in conspiracies, the influence of secret societies throughout the course of history, the Secret World Government, New World Order, the Illuminati and many other things no normal, law-abiding citizen of the globalized world should even think about. And, of course, 9/11 was an Inside Job™. In other words, I’m a conspiracy nut. Yet that is not all I am. Saying I’m a conspiracy nut is like saying chicken soup consists of chicken. Partially true, but there are numerous other ingredients included too. A more important part of me is having realized the whole idea of a materialistic, random, modern conception of reality is untrue. In other words, there is something spiritual and potentially wonderful we should be discovering instead of wasting our lives working at a cubicle 9-to-5 and watching TV. The good and the bad always go hand-in-hand, spirituality and the lies we have been sold.

This is the first entry in my blog titled Life of a Conspiracy Nut. I intend to reflect on my life as a regular person and the relationship that has with the various wonderful and horrifying truths that are coming to surface. Even tough the first paragraph discusses fairly grandiose matters, idealistic beliefs, but the facts is that the chicken soup that is me, does a lot more than ponder philosophically over esoteric matters. I also play computer games and board games, watch TV, play sports (sometimes), drink beer with my friends, possess desirous feeling toward members of the opposite sex and so on. My aim is to reflect on the relationship between the challenges the human race is facing at this time and my personal experience as a human being who sometimes just wants to have fun. You cannot separate one from the other. A holistic approach is needed.

As you can probably see this whole entry is loaded with dualities. The duality of conspiracy vs spirituality. Personal life vs societal endeavours. Perhaps that is why we are made flesh, to learn what it means to be separate from all that is, once that is accomplish we are to realize it is the very apartness hat connects them together.

So see ya when I see ya.



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