Personal Responsibility for One’s Beliefs

I no longer regarded David Icke like teen boy obsesses over his favorite rock idol. I bean to understand he’s just a man, wise man and who has done a lot of good, but not infallible. However the process, of myself growing up and letting go of childish attachment to Icke’s words, began with the simple emotion: he doesn’t hold all the answers. Naturally it followed that I felt a bit angry and paranoid over his failings, i.e. being human. This period didn’t last too long, and I never doubted him to be disinfo very seriously, yet the phase was there.

Somewhere during the years 2010-2011 I had noticed I had grown up. Society tells us we become adults when we are 18, but I didn’t feel like an adult when I turned 18, nor even as I turned 25. When I was 18-19 I observed many supposed adults, 40-60 of age weren’t really adults either. It seems that a great many people stop their mental development sometime during their teen years. Age does not equal wisdom, however one needs a bit of age to acquire wisdom. I became adult in the age of 28 or 29. Sometime during early 2011 I had noticed I felt like an adult, not as I was before.

Now, being an adult, I can say that David Icke’s ideas have inspired me a great deal, reminded me to use the courage I already possessed, but he cannot hold all of the answers. The most simple reason being: that’s not how reality works. It’s not that you can just read one book, or listen to one guy in order to become wise, enlightened or compassionate. You have to do most of the work yourself. There are various people who guide in the right direction, the wrong direction or merely waste your time. You yourself must seek information, once that is done, you must be still and observe without interference.

Having grown up I now I am responsible for my own actions and beliefs. Even if significant portions of Icke’s work turned out to be false, I can not blame him. I am grateful for the information he has provided. I trust that he is being genuine in what he is saying, but it does not necessarily mean it is all correct. Take the reptilian issue for one. I cannot say I believe Icke’s claims about the reptilians or the Moon Matrix, nor can I say I disbelieve it. Icke makes a convincing case, and it should not be ignored, but I need much more evidence than vague references to people he’s met who say they’ve seen reptilians to believe it. On the other hand if indeed such an elaborate and multidimensional conspiracy is true, we can assume it would not be easy to prove. We cannot act like ordinary TV viewers who know that the identity of the bad guy will be revealed by the investigator after 45 minutes. Simply put, I think there is something worth exploring in the reptilian case, but we need to figure out ourselves what it actually means.


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