Conscious Conspiracies

The concept of conspiracy is refreshing viewpoint to the main stream world view where everyone is an automaton who only lives to satisfy his or her immediate needs, or merely to stave off boredom. Around the time I was twenty, it seemed that most people of my age, and society in general, only looked forward for the next Friday when they could get drunk or, if really lucky, get laid. Society intent on acquiring more money, seemed only to be looking forward to the next yearly quarter to score more profit.  I figured there must be something more to life than this. Some more conscious way of living. Why weren’t those people even wondering whether they way they live their lives, the way they have organized their mind and beliefs, makes any sense? I didn’t know how I should live, but I figured one should have some sort of conscious understanding of life despite the claims of society that it’s just crazy talk.

Modern science teaches us life is just a cosmic accident, societies are formed because of complex intersocial processes, but basically the effects conscious action are left to a minimum. It was a horrible thought, and somewhat cognitively dissonant as well, as on the one hand we are told man is the culmination of evolution, the master of his environment, the only intelligent form of life in the universe, yet we are victims of instincts and needs learned from the environment and inherited through genes. Where did purpose, consciousness, telos fit in in all of this? Surely there is some difference between an individual who takes the time to examine the world, himself and the nature of the cosmos in order to understand how to live, and how his way of living affects the rest of the world, compared to a good citizen who does as he is told and goes to work, watches sports on TV, drinks beer, fantasizes about J-Lo’s ass, complains about the government, but goes to work and pays his taxes anyway? Especially since it’s not hard to see that many things in our world are simply wrong, you just have to be 5% awake to see that. It would be a scary thought had we gotten ourselves into this mess with no conscious action at all.

The majority of humanity is obviously acting like unconscious automatons, no doubt, yet that cannot be the whole story. All my life I had endeavoured for some degree of conscious realization of reality. There must be other people who have achieved more than me, especially people who had had more time to do so than a mere 20-year-old. As the world is a shithole based on satisfying the basest needs, we default back to the lowest common denominator, if there are people acting consciously, the majority of them would be malevolent, purposefully contributing to this monstrosity. If we resort two a childish dualistic approach, we can say that the existence of conscious benevolent people is few at best. If then we are to think there are several conscious people who contribute to the way the world is, it wouldn’t seem logical at all to say none of the co-operate with each other to fulfill goals they share, at least partially. In short, conscious malevolent people have conspired to construct the world we live in.

If conspiracies are just crazy talk and I’m delusional, kill me now, as the alternative is unbearable. The alternative would mean humanity is trapped in a cycle of pursuit of unconscious desires we do not understand despite our perceived intelligence and spiritual faculties. We are like a highly advanced robot follow the commands input into it, yet with incomplete programming we repeat a loop with no understanding of it. But this is all bullshit, throughout history there have been countless people in various culture who have sought conscious understanding of the world, they have had thoughts of deep insight and created works of beauty. Philosophers, artists, writers, thinkers, philanthropists and people of all walks have been conscious, more than automatons. No-one has had all of the answers, but they’re proof enough of benevolent conscious people. Why then haven’t they had more beneficial influence? For some part it must have been absorbed by the ignorance of the sea of unconscious people, but such people are ultimately weak. They couldn’t be the sole reason. Throughout history dissidents and independent thinkers have been persecuted, marginalized or murdered. One factor in that would be conscious conspiracy to suppress information harmful to their hegemony.


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