Collectivism vs Individualism

Instead of whining about my crappy youth I’ll do write something else for a while. Every now and then a viewpoint or an idea is labeled collectivist in the “awakened”/alternative/conspiracy nut world. Soon after the preference for individualism is stated and defended. I too prefer individualism to collectivism, however…

First of all both are isms, and isms tend to suck ass. Really no exceptions there. Some seem less bad than others (Buddhism vs fascism), but an ism is still an ism. Moreover there shouldn’t be a conflict between collectivism and individualism, since we as human beings are a collective of individuals. We only need to realize that. Every human being is an individual. Even if two people are born in the same town, to the same race, in the same culture, go to the same school, believe in the same religion and so on ad nauseam, they still will have numerous differences. Different ideas, experiences, genetics, and a different soul. Only by brainwashing, lobotomy or turning people into mindless cyborg slaves could one take the individuality away from people, and even then the core being of the person would be an individual, albeit a suppressed one. However, almost all people live in a collective consisting of other humans, and prefer to do so. The main reason why persons who lead an alternative life style with beliefs that greatly contradict the beliefs of the masses grow eremitic because the people around them do not conform to their outlook on life. They still have inner desire to interact with other members of their species, they just find it difficult to communicate with others in a meaningful way.

Instead of bitching how sheepish other people are, even though justified yet ultimately pointless, we should learn to be our best in this collective of individuals so that others can stand us. Act with compassion and kindness toward especially those who are lost in sheepleness, without letting parasitic individuals take advantage of you. Both the collective and individual are important, I don’t see much point in arguing which one is more so.


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