People don’t like change so they vote Obama

People don’t want change, they want entertainment as they are bored. They like the idea of change, but not the actual thing itself. That’s why they vote for Obama, etc. Change to an ordinary human being means a change of shirt, a new toy, a novelty to distract them for a while. Actual change is distressing and abhorrent. People like finding new things in the box they live in, the more extreme ones might like to tilt the box a bit to see it from a new angle. However at the end of the day it’s just the same old box. When someone says: “Psst, how about stepping outside the box for a while?”, people find it difficult to even compute the information. The only way is to dismiss it as crazy talk or laugh it off as a joke.

None of this is hardly original or insightful. I’m just kicking the box I’m in. I felt annoyed about this phenomenon and want to bitch about it, ok.i

It’s hard to communicate with people who live deeply in their boxes. You might have fun with them, drink a few beers together. Talk about movies, games, sports, whatever. However if that is the furthest the imagination allows those people to delve into, it’s just superficial pink cotton candy with no substance. Tastes sweet and looks nice, but afterwards you try to figure what was the point. And there is none.

I wonder do those other people, who sheepishly try to fit in, do they wonder about things? Maybe they do, but as the box of society is such that all actual philosophical, spiritual or intellectual content is seen as weird, overly complex or pointless, we cannot communicate about those matters. It’s so difficult to get into a discussion about anything of substance, as such conversations rarely develop and I doubt they can be artificially induced. You can artificially induce hype into things like Harry Potter or Twilight, have loads of advertising, repetition, and people will buy it. It doesn’t work so for things that matter. You have to be steadfast.

I don’t think that people are as dumb as generally assumed. I think most have the mental faculties to figure most “esoteric truths” out for themselves, what they lack though, is courage and willpower to admit to themselves that the things they were told to be true are untrue. Most of their hopes and dreams are manufactured. Also they have layers of Learned Helplessness, “I’m just Joe Average, what do I know about the world, politics and economy. I have to believe what the TV says.” On some level they understand their situation, but they are unwilling to face the reality. The idea of losing those artificial ideas terrify them, they fear they would not be human if they were to lose them. On the contrary, when they realize the artificiality of their beliefs and even emotions, they can begin to breathe real air, instead of Disney-Pixar CGI crap.


Obsession of Men

Male persons of the human species tend to have a more defined idea of their personal passions than females of the species. Meaning men often have a focus like an ideology or a hobby they devote great amounts of their time and effort to. Men gladly find a pursuit to occupy their minds whether it be propagating their favourite political or religious ideology, building hot rods in the garage, or playing video games. This doesn’t apply to every man, of course, and some women can be like this, yet according to my observations this is a very male quality.

The best reason for this is that it is a way of avoiding looking at oneself. Something to keep one’s mind occupied, so that he does not have to face himself in the silence. That is the greatest fear of most men. This encourages men to be productive, and can result in various new innovations or artistic creations. However, it also results in men using their creative energies to create war machines, methods of manipulation and other nasty stuff.

Men have created locomotives, aeroplanes, space rockets, written volumes of poetry and philosophy, produced majestic architecture and so on. Historically, the role of women in such achievements, is rather small compared to men. Yet whereas men can be brilliant different areas, they very rarely dare to ask the question why? Why should I create this? Why should I do this? Rather they know they can do something well, and do it. Even if they ask the question why, they might not dare answer it honestly. In effect men give the power to decide what they do to someone else, be it the state, the church or some other person, or an abstract idea. They just do what they are told like a good boy, and they are pleased if the master is pleased.

This leads to men creating brilliant ways of slaughtering millions, brainwashing the masses, destroying the environment for the corporate masters. The men are happy just because they are good at what they do. No need to ask what is the point in their actions.

I don’t know if it’s a feminine quality to ask why. Why should I be doing this? What is the point in all of this? Will it make me happy? Will it cause misery to others? Questions like these are certainly not intrinsic to the male gender. I don’t know if women are any more suited than men for asking such questions, but I hope so, since someone should be doing it.

Once I again I must say, I am not a feminist. I am a man, and disappointed with the majority of people of the same sex. I find their intellectual, spiritual and moral faculties to be very lacking. One can only hope that members of the opposite sex posses important qualities that most men don’t, and they learn to use them.

There are of course men who ask questions, like myself. There have always probably been our kind, but we’ve all been a small minority. Our numbers are increasing, yet I don’t hold much hope for the average man to evolve beyond being the slave sadist doggy soldier.

Sheeple vs Oligarch

When I look at the human race and its behaviour for the last few millenia I can’t help but picture two types of people emerge; the dumb sheeple and the dastardly oligarchs. They are locked in an abusive relationship, that both despise yet are unable to free themselves of. The oligarchs shell them with lies, abuse, insanity and the sheeple take it all saying: “I’m sorry, honey. I’ll do better next time.” The oligarchs despise their pathetic spouse, yet get a certain sense of power and superiority over battering their partner, so they are not motivated to find a new direction to their lives. The sheeple are simply so fearful and hurt they abhor looking at their sorry situation with any truthfulness. They cannot admit to themselves all the shit they willingly put themselves through really doesn’t have to happen. Instead they’ll drown their sorrows in any fantasy or form of escapism they can find. Be it religion, ideologies, entertainment, alcohol…

Yet there are others. People like me. I really don’t feel like I fit in either side of the 99% vs 1% spectrum. Many of the 99% are nice people to hang around with, but they seem unwilling or unable to understand that there is more to life than what they are told or what the see on the surface. The truth is always hidden. Sometimes in plain sight, other times under several centuries, or miles of dirt. And they don’t even want to try to seek that truth. They play any game the oligarchs tell them to without question.  The 1% at least have a method to their madness. They live their lives based on sort of goal, consciously trying to pursue something they believe in. The goal might be insane and malicious, but at least they don’t live their lives reacting only to stimuli; go toward pleasure, avoid pain, like the sheeple.

There have always been all sorts of dissidents. Either they keep their mouth shut and try to pretend to get along or they try enlighten people. In those cases they are silenced like Socrates, or just ignored and they go crazy due  the inability of humanity to understand common sense, like Nietzsche. So really there are three types of people. The sheeple, the oligarchs and the outsiders.

This is all labeling and stuff, so don’t take it too literally. Yet I’ve asked the question many times and will continue to do so: why am I different? Why have I had difficulty aligning myself with the consensus reality ever since childhood? Why do others find it easy, or if they don’t find it easy why don’t they try to find another way? Where does the distinction lie? Is it genetic, my upbringing, is there a spiritual difference, intellectual? How? Why?

I really don’t know why, but at least I’m happy to notice the number of outsiders seems to be growing. Even though I’ve met only few of them in real life.

Being a man

As a man I am very disappointed with the vast majority of members of my sex throughout the last few millennia. Some more or less New Agey people say we are moving from a male dominated consciousness to a female one. If that is the case, as a man who has actually has acquired some understanding what it means to be a man, I couldn’t be happier for it to be true.

When I was younger I didn’t quite like the whole male image I was being sold about being dumb and simple nationalist who only likes sports and beer, and all that package. Being male that created some sort of identity crisis, I guess. Even though men are supposed to be smarter, better and more independent than women in everything they do, society tells you you’re not supposed to question things, just follow orders like a good boy. Being a man means obeying the rules and traditions set who knows when, by who knows who. That of course contradicts with the idea of being smart and independent quite a bit.

Now that I have grown up, somewhat independent and understand basically how things work, I don’t think the “traditional” idea of man to be man, but rather a goblin of sorts. In many sword and sorcery kind of fantasy worlds there are goblins who are small cowardly creatures who delight in making others suffer more than they do. They gladly follow a leader, such as an orc, who is bigger and stronger than them. They take orders from him out of fear and sadistic respect, as the suffering of others is the best form of escapism they know from their sorry condition.

For millennia men have oppressed women, but it’s of course not that simple. That would be just feminist claptrap. Men have also oppressed other men. They’ve repeated the idea (coined by someone, sometime) that women are weaker and inferior, both men and women have gladly accepted that false notion. Men have had the insane idea that they have to control women, as if men know how women are supposed to act. How can men tell women how to be women? They can’t. By the mere attempt to do so they destroy part of what it means for women to be women. And men by their very nature adore women; by trying to control women, they harm the femininity that gives men a reason to live.

As a man I see the way women sometimes act is simply pointless, irrational or stupid, such as worrying for a long time about the colour of the drapes or some other minor detail I couldn’t even consider having significance. Yet I cannot fathom why I should try to control the behaviour of women who are doing such things. If I don’t like it I can just walk away, or if the house is burning and the women do not notice it due to their drape dilemma, then it’s my duty to intervene. Any man who has the excessive need to control his wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, as traditional “civilized” societies teach you, has a small dick and is trying to compensate by acting like a tough guy.

Being a man is about having courage, resolve, strength (mental, and physical too to a degree), wisdom and compassion. The traditional “civilized” idea of a controlling, rule enforcer man is a lie that only stupid weaklings buy into. So many men throughout history have bought it, and it saddens me. As that is the case, I hope the future will allow women to be themselves and grow into whatever they will, instead of some corporate Girl Band poster girl image pseudo-emancipated women. I am certainly not a feminist or anything of the sort. I merely understand that is best for both men and women.

Homo Servus

I haven’t written anything in the blog since a week ago I moved from Finland to Seoul, South Korea. It’s been pretty busy around here.

Ever since I was a teen regarded humanity as a slave race. People seemed very happy find some sort of king or government to bow down to. A hierarchy or authority to obey. I never quite understood why. I wasn’t all tough and macho “I wanna do things my own way, fuck everyone else”. No, I just didn’t quite understand the need for complicated hierarchies. Also the desire to gain all sorts of fancy titles was alien to me, and the idea felt suffocating.

In my late teens, I figured the reason human beings want to tie themselves down to these authorities is because the human condition is simply unbearable. This procedure somehow reduces the pain of being simply human. As I was teenager and my life was painful, it was difficult to imagine existence as human could be anything else. I figured out years before I heard of Jordan Maxwell that governments own people, simply because they do. The clearest example was that people are not allowed to harm themselves, for example by taking drugs, since they are property of the government. I didn’t regard this relationship as any sort of conspiracy, I figured deep down everyone knows this, but possibly it’s better than being freely human.

It was difficult to cope with the usual American (and thus Western) propaganda, We’re Free ’cause We have Democracy -claptrap. It didn’t feel like freedom or look like freedom, but I couldn’t exactly distinguish why it isn’t freedom or what would be freedom and drowned in the wave of repetition. The movie The Doors has a great scene where Jim Morrison is doing a gig and shouts at the audience something like “Are you free?” or “Do you like being free?” and the audience says “Yes”. Then Morrison replies with “Bullshit, you’re all a bunch of slaves.” It was one of most liberating scenes in any movie.

In my early twenties I read a book called Myths of the World (or something like that). A fairly main stream book about mythology from around the world. In the chapter about Sumerian myths it was mentioned the gods created humans as worker slaves, because they got tired of work. It was a Eureka moment for me. This is it, this is why humans desire slavery, they were created as slaves. It made perfect sense. I wasn’t familiar with Zitchin’s idea at this point (but the author probably was).

So for me humanity almost is synonymous with slavery. Whether we were tampered by the Anunnaki, or completely created by them, doesn’t matter in this respect. Based on my experience and observation of history humanity has deliberately chosen slavery over and over again. The only salvation is giving up that humanity, ceasing to be tied down by ideas. Either giving up false desires in sort of Buddhist way or evolving into something else, be it fourth dimensional light beings or Nietzsche’s übermensch. Ultimately though, this is an issue of semantics. What does one mean with the word human. I’m not saying my definition of the word is the correct one, but it is the one experience has taught me.