Being a man

As a man I am very disappointed with the vast majority of members of my sex throughout the last few millennia. Some more or less New Agey people say we are moving from a male dominated consciousness to a female one. If that is the case, as a man who has actually has acquired some understanding what it means to be a man, I couldn’t be happier for it to be true.

When I was younger I didn’t quite like the whole male image I was being sold about being dumb and simple nationalist who only likes sports and beer, and all that package. Being male that created some sort of identity crisis, I guess. Even though men are supposed to be smarter, better and more independent than women in everything they do, society tells you you’re not supposed to question things, just follow orders like a good boy. Being a man means obeying the rules and traditions set who knows when, by who knows who. That of course contradicts with the idea of being smart and independent quite a bit.

Now that I have grown up, somewhat independent and understand basically how things work, I don’t think the “traditional” idea of man to be man, but rather a goblin of sorts. In many sword and sorcery kind of fantasy worlds there are goblins who are small cowardly creatures who delight in making others suffer more than they do. They gladly follow a leader, such as an orc, who is bigger and stronger than them. They take orders from him out of fear and sadistic respect, as the suffering of others is the best form of escapism they know from their sorry condition.

For millennia men have oppressed women, but it’s of course not that simple. That would be just feminist claptrap. Men have also oppressed other men. They’ve repeated the idea (coined by someone, sometime) that women are weaker and inferior, both men and women have gladly accepted that false notion. Men have had the insane idea that they have to control women, as if men know how women are supposed to act. How can men tell women how to be women? They can’t. By the mere attempt to do so they destroy part of what it means for women to be women. And men by their very nature adore women; by trying to control women, they harm the femininity that gives men a reason to live.

As a man I see the way women sometimes act is simply pointless, irrational or stupid, such as worrying for a long time about the colour of the drapes or some other minor detail I couldn’t even consider having significance. Yet I cannot fathom why I should try to control the behaviour of women who are doing such things. If I don’t like it I can just walk away, or if the house is burning and the women do not notice it due to their drape dilemma, then it’s my duty to intervene. Any man who has the excessive need to control his wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, as traditional “civilized” societies teach you, has a small dick and is trying to compensate by acting like a tough guy.

Being a man is about having courage, resolve, strength (mental, and physical too to a degree), wisdom and compassion. The traditional “civilized” idea of a controlling, rule enforcer man is a lie that only stupid weaklings buy into. So many men throughout history have bought it, and it saddens me. As that is the case, I hope the future will allow women to be themselves and grow into whatever they will, instead of some corporate Girl Band poster girl image pseudo-emancipated women. I am certainly not a feminist or anything of the sort. I merely understand that is best for both men and women.


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