Sheeple vs Oligarch

When I look at the human race and its behaviour for the last few millenia I can’t help but picture two types of people emerge; the dumb sheeple and the dastardly oligarchs. They are locked in an abusive relationship, that both despise yet are unable to free themselves of. The oligarchs shell them with lies, abuse, insanity and the sheeple take it all saying: “I’m sorry, honey. I’ll do better next time.” The oligarchs despise their pathetic spouse, yet get a certain sense of power and superiority over battering their partner, so they are not motivated to find a new direction to their lives. The sheeple are simply so fearful and hurt they abhor looking at their sorry situation with any truthfulness. They cannot admit to themselves all the shit they willingly put themselves through really doesn’t have to happen. Instead they’ll drown their sorrows in any fantasy or form of escapism they can find. Be it religion, ideologies, entertainment, alcohol…

Yet there are others. People like me. I really don’t feel like I fit in either side of the 99% vs 1% spectrum. Many of the 99% are nice people to hang around with, but they seem unwilling or unable to understand that there is more to life than what they are told or what the see on the surface. The truth is always hidden. Sometimes in plain sight, other times under several centuries, or miles of dirt. And they don’t even want to try to seek that truth. They play any game the oligarchs tell them to without question.  The 1% at least have a method to their madness. They live their lives based on sort of goal, consciously trying to pursue something they believe in. The goal might be insane and malicious, but at least they don’t live their lives reacting only to stimuli; go toward pleasure, avoid pain, like the sheeple.

There have always been all sorts of dissidents. Either they keep their mouth shut and try to pretend to get along or they try enlighten people. In those cases they are silenced like Socrates, or just ignored and they go crazy due  the inability of humanity to understand common sense, like Nietzsche. So really there are three types of people. The sheeple, the oligarchs and the outsiders.

This is all labeling and stuff, so don’t take it too literally. Yet I’ve asked the question many times and will continue to do so: why am I different? Why have I had difficulty aligning myself with the consensus reality ever since childhood? Why do others find it easy, or if they don’t find it easy why don’t they try to find another way? Where does the distinction lie? Is it genetic, my upbringing, is there a spiritual difference, intellectual? How? Why?

I really don’t know why, but at least I’m happy to notice the number of outsiders seems to be growing. Even though I’ve met only few of them in real life.


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