Obsession of Men

Male persons of the human species tend to have a more defined idea of their personal passions than females of the species. Meaning men often have a focus like an ideology or a hobby they devote great amounts of their time and effort to. Men gladly find a pursuit to occupy their minds whether it be propagating their favourite political or religious ideology, building hot rods in the garage, or playing video games. This doesn’t apply to every man, of course, and some women can be like this, yet according to my observations this is a very male quality.

The best reason for this is that it is a way of avoiding looking at oneself. Something to keep one’s mind occupied, so that he does not have to face himself in the silence. That is the greatest fear of most men. This encourages men to be productive, and can result in various new innovations or artistic creations. However, it also results in men using their creative energies to create war machines, methods of manipulation and other nasty stuff.

Men have created locomotives, aeroplanes, space rockets, written volumes of poetry and philosophy, produced majestic architecture and so on. Historically, the role of women in such achievements, is rather small compared to men. Yet whereas men can be brilliant different areas, they very rarely dare to ask the question why? Why should I create this? Why should I do this? Rather they know they can do something well, and do it. Even if they ask the question why, they might not dare answer it honestly. In effect men give the power to decide what they do to someone else, be it the state, the church or some other person, or an abstract idea. They just do what they are told like a good boy, and they are pleased if the master is pleased.

This leads to men creating brilliant ways of slaughtering millions, brainwashing the masses, destroying the environment for the corporate masters. The men are happy just because they are good at what they do. No need to ask what is the point in their actions.

I don’t know if it’s a feminine quality to ask why. Why should I be doing this? What is the point in all of this? Will it make me happy? Will it cause misery to others? Questions like these are certainly not intrinsic to the male gender. I don’t know if women are any more suited than men for asking such questions, but I hope so, since someone should be doing it.

Once I again I must say, I am not a feminist. I am a man, and disappointed with the majority of people of the same sex. I find their intellectual, spiritual and moral faculties to be very lacking. One can only hope that members of the opposite sex posses important qualities that most men don’t, and they learn to use them.

There are of course men who ask questions, like myself. There have always probably been our kind, but we’ve all been a small minority. Our numbers are increasing, yet I don’t hold much hope for the average man to evolve beyond being the slave sadist doggy soldier.


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