People don’t like change so they vote Obama

People don’t want change, they want entertainment as they are bored. They like the idea of change, but not the actual thing itself. That’s why they vote for Obama, etc. Change to an ordinary human being means a change of shirt, a new toy, a novelty to distract them for a while. Actual change is distressing and abhorrent. People like finding new things in the box they live in, the more extreme ones might like to tilt the box a bit to see it from a new angle. However at the end of the day it’s just the same old box. When someone says: “Psst, how about stepping outside the box for a while?”, people find it difficult to even compute the information. The only way is to dismiss it as crazy talk or laugh it off as a joke.

None of this is hardly original or insightful. I’m just kicking the box I’m in. I felt annoyed about this phenomenon and want to bitch about it, ok.i

It’s hard to communicate with people who live deeply in their boxes. You might have fun with them, drink a few beers together. Talk about movies, games, sports, whatever. However if that is the furthest the imagination allows those people to delve into, it’s just superficial pink cotton candy with no substance. Tastes sweet and looks nice, but afterwards you try to figure what was the point. And there is none.

I wonder do those other people, who sheepishly try to fit in, do they wonder about things? Maybe they do, but as the box of society is such that all actual philosophical, spiritual or intellectual content is seen as weird, overly complex or pointless, we cannot communicate about those matters. It’s so difficult to get into a discussion about anything of substance, as such conversations rarely develop and I doubt they can be artificially induced. You can artificially induce hype into things like Harry Potter or Twilight, have loads of advertising, repetition, and people will buy it. It doesn’t work so for things that matter. You have to be steadfast.

I don’t think that people are as dumb as generally assumed. I think most have the mental faculties to figure most “esoteric truths” out for themselves, what they lack though, is courage and willpower to admit to themselves that the things they were told to be true are untrue. Most of their hopes and dreams are manufactured. Also they have layers of Learned Helplessness, “I’m just Joe Average, what do I know about the world, politics and economy. I have to believe what the TV says.” On some level they understand their situation, but they are unwilling to face the reality. The idea of losing those artificial ideas terrify them, they fear they would not be human if they were to lose them. On the contrary, when they realize the artificiality of their beliefs and even emotions, they can begin to breathe real air, instead of Disney-Pixar CGI crap.


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