The Western Civilization

I’m a Finn. I’m a Westerner. I don’t consider myself, or the Finnish people, European, although we have been influenced greatly by Europe over the centuries in terms of culture, philosophy and religion. Yet our language, originally, is different from Latin or Germanic languages. Our spirit is different from those of the European peoples. Our viewpoint and culture is different. That being said, I am Westerner. The Western Civilization being an even more abstract concept that one of ethnic group, a nation or a big geographical area like Europe. I won’t even try to define who is Western, and who is not, I just know I am part of that culture. As such I believe it is my responsibility to express my loathing toward this social construct that I am a part of.

The Western Civilization, or rather a more accurate description would be the Western Empire, is the greatest evil that the Earth has known, or at least what we have known. It is based on exploitation, cruelty, deceit, destruction, abuse. The beautiful, or seemingly beautiful, things it has created are there just to cover the ugliness, which is the true nature of the empire, by superficial glitter and side-shows. We need great works of art or thoughts of philosophy to hide ourselves from the truth that the machine we are willing cogs of, is utterly malevolent and sick. The tiny specks of beauty in a sea of shit distract us from the big picture.

There are countless music bands, books, movies, TV shows, thinkers and just nice people who are part of the Western Civilization. There is no denying that. However at the end of it all their ingenuity and kindness go to waste, if at the end of the day they believe in the social construct. They see the goodness of their friends and neighbours, and think that goodness is reflected in the governments, corporations and churches that more or less dictate to them how to live their lives. All of that goodness is turned to evil, and it is not the fault of the deceivers, but the gullible fools who refuse to look into things deeply enough.

The reality of the Western Empire is that of the crusades and witch hunts, genocide of the native Americans, African slavery, imperialism and White Man’s Burden, fascism, communism, capitalism, Free Trade-imperialism, War on Terror. Among all of this insane ugliness of the heart, great works of poetry and music have been made precisely because it reflects the ugliness which is real in an inverted manner. In truth we are monsters, but in our dreams and ideologies we can be angels.

All of our ideologies that say all men were created equal, attempts at democracy, desire for justice is escape from the unwelcome reality we have created. It is mere words, whereas our actions speak louder. We act like monsters, speak like saints. No-one who is truly a Westerner ever wants to face that reality. Instead they’ll conjure more fantasies to hide the facts. For it is not the Western way to stop and look at the facts. We have to always add, we never subtract nor simply be still.


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