The Jewish Issue

In the course of time every bona fide conspiracy nut stumbles upon the concept of It’s the Jews. On one hand it’s a very distinct fact that many conspirators and manipulators of this world are at least seemingly Jewish. On the other one cannot simply choose one group of people, especially one as varied and spread around the world as the Jews, and blame all of them. Especially since it’s not so clear what is a Jew exactly. Jewishness is a religion, yet they are often treated as a race. Racially most of them are Khazarian askenazis, the few Semites are Sephardic Jews. That old stuff. But Jews aren’t really a race, yet many Jews consider themselves Jews even though the religious aspect holds little interest to them. However, my aim is not to define what a Jew is, the aim is to establish how I stumbled upon the issue, and what I think about it.

Even as a teenager I was positively inclined toward the idea of anarchy, even though I didn’t understand it that well. My perception was that the fascists were the antithesis of anarchists, so they sucked. The Nazis were fascists and they had oppressed the Jews, so the Jews must be OK, as the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Very simplistic logic, and not seriously thought out, but that was basically how I felt about the Jews as a teen. I of course knew very little about them.

As I got a bit older I gradually began noticing the biased attitude the media and Western society in general seemed to have towards Jews, mainly that it was far worse to kill and oppress Jews than other people. That felt insanely frustrating, of course I didn’t want to say it was OK to kill Jews, but it was also agonizing to think that Jews were somehow better or worse than other people because of this. I also became interested in the Nazis, since bad guys are fascinating and Nazis and Hitler are portrayed as the greatest evil that ever lived in Western society. However it is rare to see the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany portrayed in a neutral way, instead it is usually turned into childish propaganda. As if the actions of the Nazis don’t speak loud enough, so the authors of books and documentaries have to add a guilt trip in the mix. For example an biography of Hitler that I read said something like: “The SS were sadists as were shown by their love of black clothes.” I think a lot of other people also wear black like priests, some traditional Jews, business men and people who wanna look cool.

Eventually all of these small details lead to notice that we were being manipulated about the Jewish issue in some way. It wasn’t really clear how and why, but it made me feel anger toward the Jews, which a lot us conspiracy nuts do. I felt even more angry knowing that many people in high positions and influence in society are Jews. On one level I knew hatred of Jewry was justified, but on another it still felt wrong. As I got a bit more older and wiser I realized that Zionism and Judaism are two quite separate things, even though not even all Jews seem to realize that.

Nowadays I basically try to look at things like this: Zionism is an evil and insane ideology that masquerades as being Jewish. Jewishness is an organized religion. I don’t like organized religion, but it’s not my place to judge or de-religionize them. Strict religious dogma like having to eat Kosher food is stupid, and I just don’t see the point. Circumcision is the most offensive part of Judaism. But basically I don’t have a problem with Judaism.

I am a Holocaust Denier in the sense that much of the Nazi atrocity stories have been sold to us a certain way. Repetition propaganda, 6 million Jews died with little actual fact to back it up. It’s illegal to question facts about the Holohoax in some countries. It’s not proven that Zyklon-B was used to kill people. Israel uses it as an excuse for their Zionism. For these reasons and more I’m a Holocaust Denier. It doesn’t mean I think the Nazis didn’t hurt the Jews, the Nazis were nice, I just question official story of the Holocaust. According to my understanding even the authorities in the field of the Holocaust say that the number of dead Jews was 2 or 3 million, not 6. I question whether the Final Solution ever existed, or if it did, was the Solution to kill all Jews or something else. It means I question the story, i.e. I have questions. I don’t know all the facts, and I certainly don’t trust anyone who claims they do in this particular issue.

One of the best sources for Holocaust Denier information are videos made by DenierBud. His videos may be hard to find as they’re usually deleted from Youtube and his website seems to be down too. Another indication that he’s probably on to something. That is not to say he has the whole truth, but parts of it at least.


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