Being an open person

For most of my youth I weren’t a very open person; I was a “closed” person. Now I’m learning to be more open, and I kinda like it. I think most people are open, at least generally, even though they are extremely closed to “weird” stuff like conspiracies. It means they accept things that don’t seem threatening on the surface. Closed people are more concerned about not letting themselves be suckered in by bad things and pointless crap, but it also shuts them off from the many good things there are.

Open people tend to accept the information they receive with little resistance unless it contradicts some of their strong beliefs. Information can mean anything from music and movies to scientific discoveries and philosophical ideas. Open people hear the new pop song and think there’s nothing wrong with it, so they go along humming it, dancing to it. They watch the latest blockbuster movies. They accept the world view told to them by churches, governments and media as they don’t blatantly contradict their common sense. Closed people, as I was, still am to some degree, are skeptical of most things. Especially popular things. The new hit songs and movies are shallow entertainment, we prefer to find the “independent”, “alternative” or more extreme choices. Not the mass produced aphrodisiac for the masses. Same goes for ideologies, religions and all that.

I cannot say that either way of seeing things is better than the other. However, being a closed person I cannot help seeing the wisdom in that approach. The world is full of bullshit, it’s best not to buy it. It doesn’t mean that closed people never buy bullshit, but I think we buy less of it. Open people miss out on the more esoteric secrets when they accept Gangnam Style so they never hear about Combichrist or Velvet Acid Christ. They accept main stream Christianity or the Left-Right paradigm of politics, thus cannot understand how things actually work. They care more about the surface than the substance.

Yet the world is full of beautiful things as well that our kind often runs away from. It’s a waste to throw away a whole bag of flour just because there is one worm in it. Open people don’t do so. They focus on the positive. That is also what I’m gradually learning to do. Be open to life, to people. Even though I don’t know if I like this guy or maybe that girl is boring, but I still try to interact with them. Now after a few years of being a proper conspiracy nut who is interested in spirituality, the need to look for video games or movies to entertain isn’t that great, yet there are various forms of entertainment I find pleasant from time to time. It would be a waste to deny myself of them for ideological reasons. I merely shouldn’t use them as a means to escape reality. Also there can be great wisdom and truth on the surface as well. Not every nugget of wisdom is hidden in a dark cave shrouded in esotericism. Many secrets hide in the plain sight, which only the open people can realize.

Now as I write, I hope that my inborn pessimistic skepticism can guide the newfound positivity and openness to bring about nice things. For me, and to allow me to spread it unto others. Right now I feel as thought the “law of attraction” is working. I don’t know if has any mystical aspect to it, cosmic ordering or something. I just think that if I feel positive and genuine in my heart other people can sense subconsciously and act the same way toward me. Doesn’t work with everyone, of course. Moreover my life is bound to have good, bad and average situations. My attitude toward each of them is important. If I’m having a bad time and I bitch about to myself how unfair everything is I just make it worse. If I try to force every situation to be good, I’ll make it worse, and when I’m in a good situation if I try to force it to last longer, I’ll eventually spoil it. Go with the flow. Not as a mindless victim, but as an experienced swimmer who knows he cannot control the river, but he can control his own position in it.


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