There is only one Religion

Since Obama won the new presidential election I feel I must rant a bit. This is a continuation of the theme of the Ruled by Images rant. First of all him winning the election surprises me less than a Catholic priest molesting a choir boy.

People worship their cultural construct. It is the same program that each of us have, until we start to deprogram. It manifests in various different ways as different cultures, religions, beliefs, political movements etc. Ultimately the result is the same, the person loses connection with natural reality and prefers the world of images constructed for him. We are no longer attuned to the natural flow of life, but to the particular cultural construct we associate ourselves with. The flow (a matrix of belief and emotion) atheistic intellectuals in New York are attuned to differs greatly from the flow Muslims in Pakistan are attuned to. The New Yorkers are in some ways on the same frequency as atheists in Berlin, and Pakistanis are somewhat on the same frequency as Muslims in Tikrit. These flows or matrices are completely artificial, i.e. man-made. Not naturally formed, nor created by God or anything like that.

When people are stuck in these matrices they tend to like people and things that affirm the truthfulness of their particular matrix. When an idea or person does not flow according to their beliefs, they don’t like them. Each such matrix is a box that might be entertaining, or even contain great morsels of wisdom, yet overall it is a gilded cage. The inhabitant deep down knows it, but does not want to realize it consciously as the ego has promised 70 million virgins, golden toilets and fancy gadgets for those willing to go all the way. The promise, of course, is an empty one. People stuck in the cage live under the delusion that if they shut down information coming from outside the box which contradicts their constructed unreality, the box will become not only a reality, but a paradise. As if not seeing something makes it disappear.

Each matrix is unique in the details, even though the program is the same. The program is mental self-enslavement with false promises of hope and satisfaction. People are attuned countless flows like entertainment, music, movie, politics, sports, religions. Being deeply attached to your favourite sports team, politician, pop artist, or even conspiracy researcher means the matrix has you. When you care emotionally about such external matters, you identify with the external suppressing your internal self, you become artificial. There is no problem if you enjoy some of these things, but if deep down you believe they matter, that is when insanity occurs.

Living in a modern culture there are various groups and subgroups. One person may care deeply about Left-wing politics, computer games and jazz music. Another in the same country may be obsessed about Christianity, football and fashion. According to the program its slaves can only derive pleasure from the things predefined in the program, other things are not interesting or important. One part of being attuned to this artificial flow is to loathe those who support the anti-thesis of their favourite memes. Christianity vs atheism. Left vs Right. This football team vs that team.

It is all bullshit. It is there just to distract you from reality. You need to distinguish those things actually exist and matter from ideas which only matter in minds of people.


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