Formula for War

Our world is and has been in a constant state of war for centuries. By war I mean both actual war with bombs and guns, and war on the hearts and minds of people to force upon them beliefs they would not otherwise posses. War is never fought over ideologies like Christianity, Communism, Democracy, freedom or Islam. There is only one ideology behind war; money. The abstract concept of money in the practical sense is resources such as gold, oil or land. Resources are being hoarded by sick individuals such as bankers, kings, bishops and politicians. They are the only ones who actually want a war, the ones who think they benefit from it. The foolish masses who go to war due to nationalism, religion or other ideology have been given the ideology only to delude themselves to think the goals of the ruling “elite” are the goals of the people. The “elite” need the resources in order to control others. The need to control others is always due to fear. When you are not in a state of fear, you have no need to impose orders on others. When you are in fear, you feel as if you have to do so to protect what is yours. That which is “yours” may be physical property, social status or an ideology. Those who do not live in fear have no need for such things.

War is fought over resources and money. Money equals control. The need to control others is always due to fear. Do not be persuaded by people under the fear delusion. It is a dangerous form of insanity.


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