We don’t do things ourself anymore

Our grandparents used to build their own houses, farm their land, grow their food, make their clothes. We don’t. We get it from a supermarket. We have little effect on the world or our lives. On top of that we don’t even experience things on our own. We do it through a proxy such as television or a computer game. Our romance is a Hollywood movie, which can be a perfect idea, but we can get rid of it when it no longer amuses us. Even if we have a girlfriend/wife we still fantasize about the Pussycats Dolls song “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”. We don’t even fight our wars anymore, we play Call of Duty or Counterstrike. We don’t have adventures or excitement, except in watching Avatar (it actually never excited me, but apparently for a lot of people it did), reading Harry Potter (never read any of them), or playing World of Warcraft (guilty of having done that one). Our ideas and beliefs aren’t formed by ourselves either. They’re formed by the authority we believe in, be it the pope, the professor or the economist. We believe in Creationism because they tell us to, or in Evolution and Global Warming, or in Neo-Liberal capitalism.


All of this is by design, of course. As it is, it shouldn’t be too difficult to rid ourselves of the dependency once we realize it is an engineered one. First we have realize that state of affairs intellectually, then distance ourselves from it emotionally, after that we can begin to live genuinely, instead of being a nice little automaton slave for the system.


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