I’ve never understood why it’s important to like popular things. For a lot of people the transient attribute of being popular is more important than the substance of the thing which is popular. It goes for music, movies, games, people, the latest gimmick and so forth. It doesn’t matter if the music is good or if the movie is interesting as long as it is popular a lot of people will like it. Why? One might think that since something is popular it would imply it is good and it has gotten its popularity due to being good, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, of course, it is applicable. Nowadays governments and corporations spend millions in advertising. They can make their Harry Potters and Twilights popular by building up the hype even before anyone has seen it. Other things can become popular by accident, a meme that is simple enough gets repeated by lots of people over time even though they don’t really care for it and voilá; the thing has become popular.

I can understand the part of wanting to be popular with other people to a degree. If I spend time with my friends I want some of their attention, I want the to respect me, consider me interesting, funny, witty or something. Especially the attention of women feels nice. Yet too much attention feels fake and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention for too long. Sometimes for a moment it can be nice, if there is a good reason for it, such as I’m making a presentation.

The thing is, I don’t understand why people like things simply because they are popular. What’s the point? A lot of people do that. A couple of times a girl has asked me rhetorically if I’m popular with girls, sort of hinting I might be (but I’m not). I just didn’t know why does it matter? I’m there with the girl, what does it matter what others think of me?

I sometimes want things that I consider good to be popular, whether it be my favourite games, music, ideas like Tao te Ching or David Icke. They might help enlighten the human race as a whole, instead of the corporate pop-culture and lack of philosophy in society. Yet that too seems like a pointless task, since if people are interested in it, they’ll find out about it, if not, I cannot make it popular.


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