What is the Illuminati?

Every conspiracy nuts believes in a big conspiracy organization, which many of us call Illuminati. Mostly due to repetition. I also call it the Illuminati for the lack of a better word, and I don’t want to be artificially “alternative” by coming up with a new name for an old thing. What is the Illuminati exactly? What do I know about it? How can I know about it?

While the Illuminati refers to the Bavarian Illuminati founded by Adam Weishapt a few centuries ago, and possibly is or is not of older origin does not really matter. The Illuminati is foremost a construct. An idea we have never seen, but use it to try to explain the social reality we see. Very few us have ever met anyone directly involved in the New World Order conspiracy or major manipulation of world events, yet reasonable assessment of recent history and world events often leads us to conclude that there is something like the Illuminati directing world affairs. Even though I generally don’t advocate belief in anything, much less in mere ideas you that you haven’t experienced yourself, it is almost inescapable not to the see the Illuminati if you look with an open mind. Even though you actually never see the Illuminati… Carlos Castaneda wrote: “Practice not-doing by looking at a tree or bush; fix your attention not on the leaves but on the shadows of the leaves.” The Illuminati might be invisible, but it still leaves a shadow.

When I look at the main stream view of society presented to me by main stream society and believed by the majority of the people, it simply doesn’t make sense. It is an equation with a few variables missing. 1+3+x=7. Most people cannot fathom what the X could be so they see society as being 1+3=7, which leads them to have a very skewed sense of reality by forcing reason onto something that is not reasonable. Us conspiracy nuts see the X but all of us have different ideas of what it actually is. Illuminati, Zionists, banksters, reptilians, aliens, the Vatican… Most us don’t know what the X is, but at least we recognize it’s there.

Society as it is simply makes no sense. I shudder to think we could have to this stage by natural development or by accident. The social construct we live in is far too complicated and insanely evil not to have been partially manufactured with intent. Look at the politics. Every few years we have some lying scumbags do twirl for us on a stage and we pretend that is freedom of choice, or control over our own lives. If we have freedom why do choose to give corporations more rights than living human beings? Why do we believe we need money to do anything? Why do we believe we need a job to live? Why do we trust governments to do our thinking for us? Look at all the crap we do to forget how fucked up everything is? Drugs, reality TV, plastic surgery, video games, Facebook fandom and countless other things I prefer not to think about. If we’re free why do we have all that crap to distract us, and why do we fall for it? How about all the wars going on in the world right now in the name of democracy or progress, or the wars that were going on decades or centuries ago due to different excuses?

The way I see it the Truth, whatever it may be, truth about life itself, about various small issues that we tackle about like 9/11, cure for cancer or happiness, the Truth is hidden in a dark cave somehow. The Illuminati does not want us to see it, because it wants to control us. If  we had the truth there would be no way it could do that. That is why it shines it’s light of distraction to lure us away from an obscure cave. For most it works just like that. There’s fun and games to be had, why would you want to go to a musty old cave? The few who see it is a distraction start heading for the cave, that is why the Illuminati has it’s armies, threats and ridicule to scare you away, or just kill you.

Even though I cannot see the Illuminati itself I can see the myriad deliberate lies our civilization is founded on. When you put it all together you’ll see fragments of the Illuminati. People are good at fooling themselves to believe all sorts of stupid crap in order not to jeopardize their belief systems. Yet that is not a sufficient explanation for the state of affairs we are in.

What do I think the Illuminati is then? A bunch of guys in dark suits, esoteric priests of an ancient secret society, reptilians, aliens, demons? Society seems so manufactured for at least a few centuries, so it cannot be a new thing. Not just the Neo-Cons or something like that. Going down that road into the ancient world, I’d say it has it’s roots back there somewhere. Although it may not be the same conspiracy that is in our world now as the one in the ancient world. Might be another group doing more or less the same thing. Who knows? But it doesn’t sound reasonable to me that it’s just a “human thing”. I’d say there are other forces at work. I cannot say their exact nature; ET, demonic or what, since I don’t know about them. I know some popular UFOlogy stuff, stories about demons and djinni and so forth, but what they actually are I cannot say. I’d just say there’s something there worth looking into. Humanity is a farm for something else.


One thought on “What is the Illuminati?”

  1. Are you saying I could be being used as a supplement?
    I suppose if humans can attack, kill and sell each other it’s only reasonable that some could be employed to nurture others into the desired state of whoever or whatever was on the receiving end for some kind of benefit. We could just be pawns of bigger pawns in a never ending spiral of pawns.
    Maybe the shadow cast by “the illuminati’ is looking bad but actually thats just an illusion and it’s the highest possible good with all of the “evil stuff” being a by product or shadow of “heaven”…
    If we knew we might not even want to know anymore.

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