Gods of the Matrix

What are Gods? The Gods of ancient Greece or the Avatars of ancient India. They’re beings somehow not of this world, yet in this world. Having great power to wield over it, yet not omniscient nor omnipotent.

I wanna have a bit of fun with this idea. I’ve been watching the anime Sword Art Online where a bunch of people get stuck in an MMORPG. That made me think about the nature of the holographic (un)reality we inhabit.

Back to the Gods. What if the Gods weren’t simply myth, aliens nor Annunaki. If this world is like computer simulation, a computer game. We are simply characters in that game living according to our programming. The Gods then would be something external from the matrix. They’re not part of it, but they can log into it. They can play with. They can possibly even reprogram parts of it. Maybe the Gods or someone else created the matrix, they wrote the basic rules of how it functions. It can go on by itself. The seasons change, people do their daily activities. The Gods can alter certain local scripts in the matrix, such as maybe one morning the sun doesn’t rise, or they make one man immortal or allow him to walk on water. Things that are impossible according to normal laws of the matrix, but not for the Gods. Maybe a certain God followed the life of an individual in the matrix, found them interesting and granted boons. Or they didn’t like someone and made their life miserable. Sort of like when you’re playing Sims, except more interesting.

Perhaps there were Gods here a few millennia ago, but there aren’t any since they got bored with their toy or some other reason. Then again the simulation is still going on. They didn’t shut it off. Maybe there are a few Gods around, but they are more subtle.

The Gods could just be kids playing video games. In their eyes their malevolence or benevolence doesn’t matter, as they see us as characters in a game. When I play computer games I usually don’t care about the feelings of random NPCs. It may be somewhat as the Q and The Squire of Gothos on Star Trek.

The next question would then be who created the matrix and why. And what of significance are our thoughts and emotions as computer programs?


One thought on “Gods of the Matrix”

  1. great post! yea i think i am leaning towards the fact that we are NPCs. I know because I just discovered a giant conspiracy in my life. It is kinda of like Murphy’s law except it happens all the time. Hard to describe my situation really.

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