Academic sleepiness

I was a away in Thailand and China for three weeks. I’m back. I couldn’t access my blog in China. I assume WordPress was blocked and not just my blog. In Thailand I simply didn’t have the time. I’m back now and happy to see I got some comments. Somebody actually reads this stuff.

I’ve been a university student  for almost ten years, so I can say with experience that I agree with much of David Icke’s assessment about academic institutions being right-brain memorization centers. Yet I must concede universities aren’t useless. I’ve learned a lot, and a lot of good scientific research is done by academic all over the world. Overall though, I’d say universities have lost touch with reality when it comes to various issues and challenges we are facing today. Academics simply refuse to see things that aren’t within the narrow field of perception which consists of bits of truth mixed with dogma to form the totality of main stream science.

The academia as a whole reminds me of an old Monty Python sketch. In it a man (Michael Palin), possibly an accountant but for the purposes of this article he’s an academic, is sleeping in his bed next to his wife. The wife keeps messing around with another man. When the academic hears something, he raises his head and asks his wife what is going on. The wife says it’s nothing, probably just the wind making tree branches brush against the window. Go back to sleep. He does as he is told. This happens a few times, and if I recall correctly he never finds out what is happening. All he gets is various excuses.

When things like conspiracies, UFOs, spirituality, synchronicity, non-materialistic theories of physics and countless other fascinating things nutty people like me are interested in, pop into the field of vision of the academic, he raises his head, but then his wife tells them to go back to sleep. In a nutshell, the academic perceives something of interest, an actual phenomena that could and should be studied further, but due to his pre-programmed view of reality is unable to contain such things, he decides they must be untrue. The academic is a passive and boring creature whose wife cheats on him next to him in the same bed thanks to his benign and gullible nature.

I usually don’t subscribe to the maxim “never add malice to something which can be explained with incompetence”, but in the case of academics, I’d say it is often true. I don’t have any experience of any conspiracy in the academic world, but then I again I don’t tend to associate myself with the higher up administrators of universities. That’s not to say that The Conspiracy hasn’t played a part in making the academic world what it is, but I don’t think they need to conspire much to manipulate the majority of academics as they have been rendered docile and herbivore of their own volition.


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