Solve et Coagula

I’ve been watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and little while ago Red Ice radio mentioned the alchemical concept of solve et coagula, break apart and put back together again. It got me thinking about society again, and how I’ve always felt apart from it. Being a conspiracy nut and a general weirdo, an outsider, it never made sense to my how people accept what is the dominant state of affairs to be what it is. As if because that is how things are currently, that is how they should be. Plainly put, who people accept the government they have to have validity simply because it is their government, why they listen to the music on the radio just because it’s on the radio, and so on. Granted, I’ve sometimes done the opposite; just because something is popular, I refuse to like it, such as Harry Potter. Yet there are various popular things that I like too such as anime, Game of Thrones TV series and Asian girls.

Anyways, solve et coagula. I’m very happy not to be like those people who accept things based on what their told, because to any with half a brain it is obvious that many things we are told to accept as real or a reasonable course of action are false, even evil at times. Be it corporate governments and their wars, Orwellian police state, Satanic pop music (not necessarily because of the Illuminati symbolism in the videos, but the music itself. Maybe I’ll write about that some day.) or destroying the Earth for money. In that sense I feel lucky to be apart from the majority of humanity, even though at times it causes me great frustration when I look at humanity. I cannot fathom their blindness, yet on the other hand many people who don’t seem to have any holistic understanding of how things are, are able to do many things I cannot. It is foolish for a drop of water to think it is somehow separate from the ocean, so it is foolish for me think I am different from the rest. Merely my path from the clouds and rivers to the ocean is different from the majority. I went through the severs, ended up in a gold fish bowl for a while, it was knocked over by a cat…

Maybe it’s time I rejoin humanity. Bringing my unique perspective, and detachment to many fallacies they revere with, me. This has probably been the point behind it all. Solve et coagula. Turning base humanity into gold. (Not me alone, but countless others with similar detachment to the masses.)


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