Sense of Balance

Continuing or expanding from the last article, the Human Entity the and Shepherd. I would say that what has made people like me realize intuitively that there is something very wrong about society, is that we have a sense of balance. When we see mass consumerism, celebration of all things superficial equated with the notion of freedom and democracy, and perpetual war justified with various sorts of chicanery, even though we do may not possess the rational faculties to understand how and why it is wrong, we simply realize the situation is imbalanced. Out of touch with natural way of things. The masses too probably possess this sense of balance, but theirs is just very weak. When I was younger I felt many things were wrong, but I couldn’t express it in words or rational ideas why that is and what should be done. I believe I just felt the imbalance in the world, and it made me angry, because I couldn’t understand the whole situation. I couldn’t even ask all of the hows and whys, even though I knew they have to be asked.

On the other hand, I think the masses possess some sort of social sense. They sense what is acceptable in society, and what is not, fairly effortlessly. They see the social structures, hierarchies and all that stuff, and know how to behave without upsetting the situation. My social has been rather poor, but gotten a bit better lately. Many things that people have taken for granted have seemed alien to me. Even though lacking that sense I felt alienated, it was probably a good thing, because the social sense has been exploited by the conspirators to manipulate people. If society says you must support the military even though they murder civilians, or support multinational corporations because “it’s good for the economy” which exploits the poor, the masses do so because for their social sense is stronger than their sense of balance. (I would argue that true morality is ultimately about having a sense of balance, whereas fake morality comes from the social sense, i.e. basically obeying what society tells you.)

Originally the social sense was probably a beneficial thing, thousands of years ago. It allowed people to understand each other emphatically and work together for a common goal. However at some point it was hijacked by psychopathic conspirators to use against people.


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