The Human Entity and The Shepherd

All human beings are not the same. Also if we look at the whole of humanity as a single entity it would make sense that different people have different functions, just as the body has many different organs with different functions. It’s been said that there is gonna be the great awakening, and everyone is going to get “it”. While I want to believe it is true, I have a hard time doing so. The majority of people simply seem incapable of independent assessment of themselves and their situation. They expect someone else to tell them who they are and how they should live. I’d say that has always been the case in known history at least. We’ve all been subjected to the same brainwashing programs, eaten the same poisons they feed us, aspertame, fluoride. All that crap. Still some of us saw beyond it. We realized the world we saw was not the real one, it doesn’t have to be.

The awakening, whatever it is supposed to be, whether we evolve beyond the physical to develop new senses, new ways of perceiving reality or we simply learn how to live as free human being without exploiting each other and nature. I’m leaning on the latter option, even though the first one would be nice to see happen. But I won’t believe it ’till I see it. Perhaps the awakening is that the minority of us manage to free ourselves from this prison, make sure the ones who enslaved us cannot do so anymore, nor cause more needless destruction, then the masses will follow us. Maybe that is how it is supposed to work. The mass of humanity is, in a sense, unconscious. They lack the spiritual capability for genuine philosophical reflection and they will always follow the ones who have the capability, or claim to posses such a capability. Maybe we have let them down instead of the opposite. The sheeple are sheeple and there’s no changing it. We might be at fault for thinking there is something wrong with them. Instead of blaming them, we should be guiding them. The masses follow the one with the most power or conviction to lead them. For the last few millennia the people capable of holistic reflection, of true benevolent leadership have failed to play their part.

According to Michael Tsarion only 3% of the population fought in the American war for independence. That is how we have to do it too. We have to fund our own strength, something wholesome to strive for and stand behind it. Once we show a better way for the masses they will follow.

We all have our roles to play. I’m not an engineer. I don’t know how to build trains or houses, nor tanks and bombs. However I do know that trains and houses are much better for living than tanks and bombs. It seems that many engineers don’t know that as they’ve been building them for a long time just because their boss has told to do. It is our time to tell them to start making something more useful. That is how the entity that is the human race is supposed to function.

What I describe here is just a theoretical model, I’m not sure I believe in it either, but it might be able explain someone of the inability at communication between people. There’s also the danger of using the idea to divide people into conscious people and sheeple. That isn’t the intention, or rather if people can be divided into two categories, accept it without making any judgment about it. If the sheeple are sheeple, be a shepherd. I sure as hell don’t want to be any sort of leader, I don’t want followers, but I seem to have a better grasp of what is happening in the world than anyone around me. I personally know very few people who are “awake”. Most are “asleep” or if they’re a little bit awake, they are very confused. I should do something to help them.


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