It’s all a Conspiracy!

Coincidence theorists mock my kind by saying we take isolated incidents and find connections between them when there is none. Fair enough. I can play that game too. Let’s take a look at the nutty conspiracies “normal” people believe in.

They believe it actually matters who you vote for in an election. Every few years you go to vote, choose a guy or a gal to give your vote, and then maybe they get elected. The person you vote for is supposed to make your life better somehow. I don’t see any connection with ticking a box or pushing a button in a booth to making a difference in your life. First of all, I don’t see the connection with voting and who gets elected. Assuming the elections are fair in the first place, one vote does not matter! It makes no difference at all if I vote in an election or not. Yet some people get upset when I say I didn’t vote, and claim I have no right to complain if the government is bad. One vote to the right, left or nowhere makes no difference. Secondly, even if it did, it still doesn’t matter since whoever gets wins the election does the same decisions anyway. I also don’t see how they are supposed to represent the people. I see no ideological, emotional or intellectual connection between the government and the people. All I see, if someone gets into office, be it president or an MP, they get a fat paycheck and become a celebrity so they can act like they’re important for a while. I don’t see anything relevant in this dog  and pony show of politics, if you are interested in things like freedom or independence. I think you have more power in voting for your favourite pop idol on a TV-show. Then you’d at least have some chance in affecting whose annoying songs you have to hear on the radio for the next two years.

People seem to believe there is some connection in working hard in their job and “making it big”. I don’t see the connection. I just see people wasting their time doing a job that serves little purpose and most people hate doing anyway. There might be some people who have worked hard and earned lots of money, but that’s just a coincidence. Only nut jobs believe there is an actual connection.

I don’t see a connection with social institutions and the abstract concepts they claim to espouse. I don’t see a connection with churches and spirituality or God, no connection with charities and helping the destitute, no role for schools and universities in spreading wisdom, no connection with the justice system and justice, no connection with corporations and free enterprise, no connection with the medical establishment and health, and certainly no connection with political institutions and freedom. Not to forget love and marriage (go together like horse and carriage).

Ordinary people live in their delusions. They have different activities they do and various concepts they claim to believe, yet very little connection between any of them. They are like a madman who sees ball of yarn, a mouse, safety pin and a man in white coat. He manufactures a complex fairy tale in his head about their significance, when in fact they are merely random objects the person happened to lay his eyes on.

Very few things the “sheeple” interact with and believe in have any connection. I challenge you to prove me wrong. Hunger and food is… somewhat connected, but you might argue most of what they eat isn’t food. Entertainment and being entertained has probably a connection for the majority, although I find most of the main stream stuff boring at best. The notion that a government cares about what is good for people is a ludicrous, and scary, conspiracy theory. As if the politicians conspired together to make your life better? Hah! Same goes for multinational corporations making money, which in turn helps the economy, and supposedly that aids the people in some way. A nutty conspiracy theory.


One thought on “It’s all a Conspiracy!”

  1. I would rather call it an unconscious agreement for two reasons. Firstly, the word “conspiracy” refers to an act of crime, or an illegal, wrongful act as a result of the cooperation, while many people, being merely cogs in the machine, only ever focus on the benefits that their actions carry. Not that they should be blamed, because they are told over and over again about the advantages of, say, the party they are voting for or a new motorway. Consequently, from their point of view they are not harming nor do they intend to bring any harm, any negative impact, consciously.

    Secondly, “conspiracies” have been on the firing line for so long that whenever a person hears it, they dismiss it simply because it is a conspiracy – It has no basis to be considered trustworthy, therefore it is wrong. Again, they should not be blamed because most conspiracies are in fact a load of guano. When 200 years ago people were told they are descended from apes, they laughed, but once it was explained to them how natural selection works, they slowly began to accept the idea.

    All people live in delusions, but to point it out to them is not enough. They need to understand what it is that deludes them and what lurks behind the veil.

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