Negative Space

Sometimes you come across quotes that manage to encapsulate something very profound expressed in a practical way. I discovered one yesterday when watching Truther Girls’ videos on Youtube. Sonya, I believe is her name, was pointing out the fallacy of some guy’s accusations that many celebrities were played by actors. The same guy had accused her of being Sarah Palin… Sonya said she knows how to draw portraits and is therefore adept at spotting differences in facial features. She says the following:

“When most people look at a face, their brain kind of interferes with their ability to see what’s really there. You have a kind of dictionary of symbols in your mind. You reduce everything to symbols. So if I ask you to draw and eye, you would probably come up with something like this [she draws a crude eye]. And if I asked you to draw a hand, you might come up with something like this [draws a crude hand]. When you learn to draw from observation, what you learn to look at are the negative spaces. Your brain hasn’t developed any symbols for the spaces around objects; the negative spaces. So it’s easier for it to see them as they really are. It’s the negative space that will tell you how something truly looks. That will tell you what it’s shape really is.”

I really suck at drawing, so her advice, even though pretty good, wouldn’t help me. However I think that is what we conspiracy nuts do when we see conspiracies and hidden influences that the public has no idea of. We look at the negative space. We see when something is amiss, or rather something protruding from the background that shouldn’t be there. Being able to do this requires some experience or natural tendency to look at the thing that isn’t there. The “sheeple” don’t look at the negative space, as they have no training in it. Furthermore they’ve been told by society not to do so. Instead they look at the things they see. Looking at news stories, for example, if you rely on the main stream media to give you an intelligent and accurate description of events, you wont even come close to truth. They expect people to use their Dictionary of Symbols to fill in the blanks. Media feeds you certain symbols and then does all it can to enforce them into your psyche. Let’s say there is some sort of false flag, or “unfortunate tragedy”. The media feeds you contradictory information. To anyone viewing the subject objectively, the media and the government can be seen to be dishonest. However the public believing in symbols like “the government is good” or “the media doesn’t lie” they are unable to understand what happened in a tragedy, such as Sandy Hook. Therefore they blindly obey the government, because they agree that it was terrible and something must be done, yet they are unable to muster one coherent thought on what actually happened. They live in a world of symbols unable to see things as they really look.

The way to break out of this prison of seeing only symbols, somewhat contradictorily, is to stop thinking. If your frame of reference on reality is completely skewed, using said frame to try to make sense of things will only make it worse. Therefore, one should stop thinking, and start perceiving. Perception starts always with what isn’t there. If I want to look at a pretty girl there has to be empty space between us. I cannot see her through a concrete wall.

I may have mentioned a quite from Carlos Castaneda previously, where Don Juan says something like look at the shadows objects leave, not the objects themselves. That’s a another way of putting it.

The video:


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