Cause of Anti-Semitism

We in the Western world have been conditioned by the media to accept Jews as somehow different from the rest. It’s worse to kill and hate Jews than it is of other people. Moreover we have been fed lies about the Holohoax and the right of Jews to inhabit Palestine. I’m Finnish and I’ve never met a Finnish Jew. There are some, there are a few Finnish celebrities who are Jewish, and unfortunately they enforce the negative stereotypes. When I was a kid I didn’t really know what Jews are nor cared about, yet through television I had been taught to believe they are somehow different. Unconsciously I accepted that. Then I accepted it’s bad to kill and oppress them, since it makes sense it’s bad to do that to anyone. However later I learned many of the things I had been told about Jews were wrong, and that many bad people in the world are, at least seemingly, Jewish, and use that to shield themselves from criticism. That made me hate Jews.

That is how it is done. Media tells you Jews are different. They tell you Jews are either better than you, or somehow more delicate. Like unicorns and fairies playing in the meadow. They couldn’t do harm. Unfortunately they are people too, and can do good and bad. Going through the experience of disillusionment you realize the humanity of Jews, including the fact that Judaism is used as an excuse to commit many evil acts, yet somehow the feeling of Jews being different, indoctrinated into you by the media, lingers inside of you. After all, now you see the evil committed by Jews, or under the guise of Judaism, and anything Jewish shines like a beacon in the night. You focus on it because you have been taught to focus on the Jews. It is the Zionist media that is the originator of most Anti-Semitism in the world. Both two definitions of it; hatred of Jews, and criticizing Zionism.

I already wrote about this previously, but I’m doing so again after watching Alex Jones trying to evade the “Jewish question” on his show after a caller told him how Jews might join the effort against the NWO if it was pointed out to them how Judaism is used for evil. Jones got very defensive about the issue and babbled something about how the Aztecs and Chinese were able to commit evil massacres even without the presence of Jews. I’m not saying Jones is a total shill or anything, I don’t think so even if half the world does, but I don’t trust him either. I merely disliked his way of evading the topic. Whether he was doing merely out of “civility”, i.e. not talking about too controversial topics, or due to political or financial reasons, I don’t know. Unfortunately Jews are a multifaceted issue in conspiracy theories. A very complicated issue, which should be tackled head on, and not pussyfoot around it because of political correctness.


2 thoughts on “Cause of Anti-Semitism”

  1. I would not focus solely on antisemitism and say: “Cause of Xenophobia. We in the World have been conditioned by society do accept certain groups of people as somehow different from us.” As John Lennon used to sing:

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world

    I did not surrender the evolution discussion yet, so beware my return. 🙂

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