White Guilt

White Guilt, i.e. people of European background feeling shame for the atrocities and oppression their ancestors have committed on other races, is just a modernized form of feeling of racial superiority. “White people” who are trying to be very politically correct, not to offend people of other races based on a shallow understand of history subconsciously believe they are somehow superior to other race, and feel ashamed for that. Therefore they are trying to apologize for the misbegotten fact that they are better than others. White Guilt is simply an upgraded and softer, yet more insidious, version of White Man’s burden. After all, Europe based “white” man’s culture has conquered almost the whole world. It has “proven” itself to be superior.

I do not believe this sentiment in “white” people is in any way a racial thing, that they are somehow racially inclined to feel superior. Rather I’d say it is a cultural thing. Probably partially due to the influence of the Illuminati bloodlines. The idea of the “white” race as somehow unified entity is a construct. Being a Finn I’m “white”, but I do not feel ethnically connected to central Europeans just because we look racially more alike compared to other races, does not mean there is some deeper connection. Culturally we are part of the Greco-Roman philosophical tradition and Christian tradition, like all of Europe. However, that is something external, and also a forced connection to Europe. Internally we are a separate ethnicity. To know how the Spanish feel about the English for example, you really have to ask them. This idea of Europe as a homogeneous entity, of being ethnically European is not real in any organic sense. It is a forced idea, a construct. A lot like the idea of the European Union.

The connection between all Western people is, however, the imperialism and machinic destruction of anything natural that we have been willingly enslaved to. Even today few Westerners fail to see the folly of all of Western civilization. Individual ethnic groups within Europe, such as Germans, English or French (even though they might be divided to smaller groups) are more or less natural entities. However, all the individual groups have been enslaves by the Western culture which is at the end of the day nothing more than a machine set to devour all that is beautiful and natural. Yet only a minority of us see it. People may recognize that imperialism that took place over a hundred years ago was wrong, but they do not recognize the neo-imperialism that takes place under the guise of “free-trade” or “humanitarian wars”, or the Orwellian oppression in our own countries. So instead of having White Guilt, which is actually just a for of racism (even though I hate to use the word, as it is over-used for various minor issues), Westerners should have Western Awareness; being born into this demonic machine should make us recognize the unfortunate fact, rectify the sins of our ancestors and make sure we do not follow them in aiding the machine.

This collaboration of “Europeans” with this machine is not out of any inherent evil in “Europeans”, rather I’d say it is a kind of childish trust. Living in fantasy instead of reality. A child abused by his parents who flees reality into his imagination.


One thought on “White Guilt”

  1. Some people consider Finns to be ethnically asiatic, and there is a strong case of the same for the picts, the celts, the nordics all over…If you get rid of the out of africa theory you still have a lot of odd origins for european ‘natives’…the neanderthals were the natives surely, notwithstanding most of our genetic history is either deliberately or accidentally confused..

    I’m becoming more inclined towards the Gobi ancestry for the norwegians for example…the stave churches couldn’t look more asian for example…and the suomi are as much linked to the asians who went across the bering strait as to the germanic tribes who came up through sweden many years later…and the celts originate from northern turkey, so even irishmen as myself are not really ‘european’ whatever that is…

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