Demons in our Midst

I already mentioned the topic of demons in the book Concordia ab Chao, and my view on them. Even though I don’t necessarily have anything new to add about them, I feel I wanna ruminate about this again. If I remember correctly, previously I was a bit vague about the existence of demons. I said corporations act as if demons, but now I am more convinced they actually are demons. What demons, or evil spirits, actually are is another thing.

Corporations, which includes multinational businesses, churches, governments and organizations like the UN, are demons manifest on earth in physical form. The term corporation originates from Latin corpus or corporare, which means body, to embody, or like the English word corpse. Corporations are artificial persons or entities, yet they seem to have a will of their own. They seek to amass more power and have their own goals. They use people as vehicles to make them accomplish their goals. In effect people who work for corporations are victims of demonic possession. Pretty much every society before the modern construct has believed in demons or evil spirits that possess people and convince them to commit sinful acts. Demons are not physical entities so they must other methods (such as seducing people to work for them) to wreak havoc on earth.

I believe I need not elaborate much on the damage to nature and liberty that corporations have inflicted on the world. It should be fairly self-evident.

Corporations, governments and their like do not exist, yet countless people have killed, lied and died for them for centuries. It is merely a few words on a piece of paper, an agreement among people, and a few buildings that house the possessions and employees of the corporation, but yet the corporation remains non-existent. Still its malicious influence can be felt. It makes sense if an individual sacrifices his life for his family or something real, but instead these abstract notions have goaded people into greater obsession than anything real. Corporations do not gain anything from your sacrifice. Sentient beings feel pain and pleasure, you can make them happy, but if you do something that benefits a corporation, it won’t feel it. An effort wasted at best. It is a sick delusion to work for a corporation. Many ideologies can be included in this too. Whether you do it for personal gain, in belief that serving the corporation also benefits you, you are a pawn. If you really believe in the corporation, you are utterly deluded.

The important question is whether corporations are evil spirits, interdimensional beings of some sort, or merely an insanity in the minds of men. Are demons external entities, or creations of obsession and ignorance, an anomaly in human psychology? I find both arguments convincing yet not completely satisfying.


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