The Devil exists for us to Create

I’ve been thinking about the nature of evil, it’s origin and what it actually is. It’s related to the previous demon article. Is evil something external from us or our internal creation? Is the devil sitting on his throne in hell conspiring to corrupt us, or is the devil the result of us corrupting ourselves? Based on the headline of this article, it’s both and neither. The devil exists outside of us, yet we have to create him. There is an external possibility for evil, but we must choose to give it life. Sort of like a virus which is alive only when it’s attached to a living being.

Few weeks ago on Red Ice Creations a guest asked the host, Henrik, to define evil. He said something like forcing others to do something they don’t want. It was better than I could have done on the spot, but I still find it somewhat lacking. However, I don’t even want to define evil. Evil is evil, we cannot see it. We see manifestations of evil. The root of evil, I believe, is in wanting to get something for free. They also discussed this on Red Ice. If you expect to get something without doing something for it is the root of evil, even though the act itself if not evil. It rather leads to evil. This does not merely refer to commerce, i.e. expecting to receive goods without exchanging money or services with it. If you expect your girlfriend to like you without liking them back, if except to have food and a house without doing anything for it, if you except to learn a new skill without working for it, that is the root of evil. The usage of money is a manifestation of this philosophy of trying not to do things. For example, hundreds of years ago majority of people built their own house, or their friends and relatives did it in exchange for camaraderie, or goods and services. Nowadays most people buy their house with money. In effect they don’t do anything to get it. They (the majority of people) work for the money, but there is a difference between the abstract concept of money and work.

My point here isn’t however, as some might falsely assume, that I’m berating people who don’t like to work for companies to earn money. Quite the opposite. I do advocate people doing whatever they deem meaningful or necessary. However prostituting yourself for a business 5 days a week, 8 hours a day in exchange for money does not have to be necessary. However if you want to have a food, you have to acquire it somehow, if want your room to be clean, someone has to clean it. I recommend the one to do it to be you. The second best option is someone you have a good trusting relationship with, such a friend, husband/wife, or relative. Not a multinational corporation that gives you food only because it gets money from you.

The modern tendency to avoid work, since the most “successful” people in our world don’t work, they play with money to get more money, is in effect a tendency to avoid direct connection with reality. There is always a middle man. Instead of building your own house or growing food you buy it with money, instead of cleaning your house you hire someone to do it, instead of engaging in a romance with a member of the opposite sex you watch a romantic Hollywood movie. The nature of this reality is that you do something, which enables something else to happen. You have to be an active participant. When I say you should do things yourself, I don’t mean everybody should just care about their small own world excluding other people, rather you should have a living connection to all things that you care about. If you want to have a connection with people do it because it feels natural, a connection of friendship or blood, a connection of trust. When people are connected by social constructs like money or their workplace, they cannot be connected by trust. It’s admirable for grandchildren to clean their old grandmother’s house, but not so for a professional cleaning company to do it because they were paid, be it by the grandmother or the social services system run by the government.

Wanting something without cost is like being alive with no life in you. Mind you, the cost does not have to anything unpleasant or troublesome. The cost of being loved by someone is loving them back, for example. Yet sometimes the cost is annoying like learning Korean, you actually have to concentrate on it, which isn’t so much fun, but hopefully the rewards of knowing Korean are. Wanting something for free simply means you want the world to dance for you without yourself dancing with it or playing music. The other side of this is forcing others to dance when they do not want to. If you are disconnected from living reality, you might try to make up for it by forcing others to feign life. Yet a doll is not alive even though you can move it’s arms and legs.


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