The Purpose of Evil

Expanding on the last article. I do not believe good and evil to be two absolutes in the cosmos. Not very fundamental forces on their own. I don’t believe in any Manichaeistic idea that good and evil are two evenly matched forces. I see good and evil as two opponents like cold and hot, light and dark, pleasure and suffering, big and small. Part of the Yin/Yang duality. It is in our time that the issue of good and evil very important, but in different eras it may not be such an important issue. Evil in our world is so prevalent and overpowered power must be taken from and good must be strengthened. Moral issues, the question of evil have albeit disappeared from the public sphere, the main stream does not see it as an important or valid question. The reason is simply; the world is so saturated with evil many people think it’s normal. The evil ruling our world keeps creating more evil to hide other evil causing the blind masses not to even blink when they see evil.

Evil manifests in our world as wars, ritualistic pedophilia, obsession with money and superficial things at the exclusion of profound things.

In our world evil is everywhere and everybody sees it, yet some refuse to acknowledge it, others choose to pretend it’s not there and thus serve evil. To anyone “awake” this should be obvious, and that we must fight evil, or perhaps rather promote good. However in other times this has not been the case. Good and evil have been more balanced. Probably at some time good was overpowered and evil suppressed. I would say living at such a time it would have been “good” to promote evil and fight against good as it would have felt very oppressive. Imagine living somewhere where everyone always smiled at each other, never told any lies, never did any naughty things, never stole anything. Such a life would be very stagnant and boring. You’d want to do something evil living in such a society. Life is supposed change and flow, not stand still for a long time.

Good and evil are not absolute in the cosmic scheme of things, they are relative. However in the world that we inhabit evil is very real, which why good must become real as well. It’s a cop-out trying to argue about the relativity of evil in issues like pedophilia, yet fortunately pedophilia is hardly one the founding principles of reality. It is however one of the biggest issues of our time, at least in the sense that it should concern everybody, and that many of the powerful (i.e. evil) people engage in it.


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