Kaiken takana on nainen

Over the last few millennia the human race has been dominated by very masculine values. The one with the biggest army, sharpest weapons, strongest muscles, loudest shout rules over the weaker ones. They in turn gladly accept the dominance of a stronger individual, group, race or empire. However, the most masculine people and energies may rule over others, they are not in control. The feminine always controls the masculine. In fact the masculine energy seems incapable of creating meaning, which is something the feminine does effortlessly. A big macho man may kill the enemies and win the game to become the king, but what then? The masculine is incapable of handling the question. It turns to the feminine. When you ask a man who just won the war or gold medal, why did he do it, he’ll answer it was for king and country, God or his family. The masculine lives for the sake of something more feminine. It wants the feminine, something intangible and mysterious, to tell him what to live for.

Even if the strong warriors are the rules, we must ask who stands behind the warrior? Who creates his reality? For the power behind the throne is more powerful than the throne, most of the time.

It should go without saying that a biological man does not equal the masculine, nor does the feminine refer simply to women. Men can be more feminine, and women more masculine. No-one is 100% masculine/ feminine. You know Ying and Yang stuff.

A man “always” has to have a cause to live for: sports, games, work, country, God, family, the secret society, resisting the NWO… Whereas women often seem to be more loose in this matter. They have hobbies and interests, but they are rarely devoted to them strongly. Also women seem to see meaning in insignificant details like the colours of the curtains or tablecloth. A man may think blue looks better than pink, but in the end it is the function that matters, not some aesthetic quality. This is because the feminine is able to give meaning to things whereas the masculine can only attach to an already existing meaning and strengthen it. The masses have been kept in ignorance of the power of the feminine for millennia, and thus have been easily controlled by it. They either don’t see it or think it is so weak to matter, they do not even pause to think about it, yet the masses are controlled by it. There’s even a lame old Finnish song called “Kaiken takana on nainen” meaning “There’s a woman behind everything”. Behind every successful man there’s a woman.

The Conspiracy has used the feminine to control humanity which has been forced into one-sided masculinity. Yet the Conspiracy itself is a kind of transsexual female, as it no longer creates any meaning. It has attached itself to its idea of  “New World Order” and hierarchy. It may change its methods and appearance with make-up, but within it is unchanging and artificial. The best expression of the feminine might be a young girl who falls in love with her new point of interest which others have hard time even perceiving. What is she doing and why? All others can see is that she is infatuated by it. Yet it is forgotten by her in a few hours and new meaning is created.


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