Petty thought and emotion

There are a two kinds of thought and emotions that people have, at least I do, and it seems most others do as well; petty thoughts and emotions and “proper” thoughts and emotions. When you actually think you stretch your understanding further to gain more understanding. When you feel something, you feel if it’s right or not, worth your time or not. Emotion gives you a purpose. Then there are a petty versions of them. Petty thoughts are just words or a voice on in your head going on and on about the same stuff you already know, but it’s trying to make you think like it’s new and relevant information. Petty emotions tell you you’re bored, scared or stressed and you have to satisfy it’s next whim to feel good, yet if you do so it won’t make you feel better. Perhaps petty thoughts and emotions come from the ego, whereas the real ones come from you.

Petty thoughts have to use words, proper thoughts don’t necessarily need them. You just think in images, symbols and ideas. You understand what you mean without needing to explain it. The petty thoughts try to make you think you need explanation and analysis. Thoughts are merely a direct connection between your will and understanding of it. I’m not talking about any mystical thing here. Petty thoughts hinder that connection.

Petty emotions are emotions tied to your lower instincts. They tell you you want chocolate, watch one more Youtube video, stay in bed 5 more minutes, even though if you follow their direction it will not make you feel any better. Quite the contrary. Proper emotions rarely focus on insignificant items like a video or a snack. They tell you to follow your dreams and do what is right. They give a motivation to live. Work on what feels right, write that book, talk to the girl you really like (not someone who only looks pretty), speak the truth even though society (and petty emotions) say you’ll get punished for it. This is sort of as David Icke says that people feel with their stomach instead of the heart.

One example from my life that I experience all too often is I wake up in the morning, I have to go to school, the petty thoughts tell me I wanna still lie in bed, even though it’s useless since I’m gonna go to school anyway. The petty thoughts try run the scenario of going to school in my head, what I have to do before that: shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, etc. That too is pointless because I know how to do it, I have done it countless of times in this life, yet the petty thoughts pretend like they are helping me by preparing for something new. Waking up 7:30 in the morning to go to Korean class hour and half later is far from my wildest dreams, yet I have chosen to do so for the next few months even though it is tedious. However the petty thoughts and emotions are not helping, they are merely making it worse. They serve no purpose. What I should do in the morning when I wake up is get up, go shower, eat breakfast, fiddle with the computer, get dressed and go to class. I know I’m gonna do it anyway, so why pretend I’m torn about it? Excess thoughts and emotions do no good in this case.

Why do I have these petty things bothering me then? The best I can guess is, they are sort of feces of proper thoughts and emotions that I have difficulty ejecting from my body. Thought and emotion require energy, so they have to release exhaust at times one could surmise. It is the same with society, everything we buy creates vast amounts of garbage. Almost any item you buy, from food, to electronics, to books, comes with a plastic wrapper you throw away. Eventually you’re swimming in garbage unless you waste of lot of time and energy getting rid of the waste.


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