Quantum Leap of Faith

Lately I’ve been thinking how small leaps of faith in my personal life, or perhaps in personal beliefs in particular, have helped me evolve spiritually. Personal evolution (same probably applies for other types of evolution too) does not progress as a continuous line, but in small leaps. Even when you are watching the progress bar while the computer is loading a program, it is not continuous. Rather at times the bar fills up quickly, then it stops and you think the program crashed when it suddenly jumps forward. One must take a leap of faith every now and then to get forward. Just five minutes ago I finished listening to Dianne Collins interview on Radio 3Fourteen. Collins mentioned the Quantum Leap (not the scifi show I used to watch as a child). Here’s an explanation of it that I find appealing: http://www.jimloy.com/physics/quantum.htm

Quantum leap and leap of faith sound similar to me. In my life many leaps of faith have helped me forward, such as the mental leaps I took when reading Graham Hancock’s Supernatural that there indeed exists something beyond the physical, or when I realized there is indeed a grand conspiracy along the lines of the Illuminati that has manipulated humanity for a long time. The moment before making the leap, I wasn’t sure where I’ll end up, will I fall down a ravine or get closer to truth. I had acquired information that said the leap was worth doing, but I was far from complete certainty. Soon after making the leap I found it had been worthwhile. Other kinds of leaps I’ve done in social life is approach a girl I am attracted to yet unsure of her feelings or whether we could have any future together. Also when trying to communicate to people something meaningful, be it conspiracy, spirituality, alternative understanding of science or other “fringe” stuff, you have to take a leap of faith. When the leap is successful and you actually manage to communicate it is feels great and very significant, whereas many times I’ve felt like I hit a brick wall.

Leaps of faith require you to leave the comfort zone. I for one enjoy being in my personal comfort zone, yet I understand being there is hardly life. It is a place to retreat to when injured or tired. However, I don’t really need the zone, and it would be best for me to leave it as often as I can. Conscious evolution happens in leaps, not as a steady progression. You cannot simply gather energy together and hope them to suddenly transform into something else. Meaning it’s pointless to gather piles of money in a pot if you don’ use the money to buy something you want. If you want to learn to speak a foreign language, first you have to start with the basics, read the textbook and go to class, but eventually you have to take the leap and actually talk to other people using the language. If you want to help in the “awakening” or evolution of consciousness first you have to gather information, spend a few years reading books, watching Youtube rants and so on, but then there’s a point when it’s not enough anymore to simply passively learn, you’ll want to use the knowledge for something. Step 1. Gather underp… energy. Step 2. Leap of Faith. Step 3. Profit.

If you get too comfortable with the idea of gathering energy, i.e. money, studying, gathering information, it becomes more difficult to take the leap. It begins to weigh you down, you become attached to it. You like the wealth you’ve amassed and are not willing to do anything to risk it. You feel like you are good enough in speaking the language and don’t want to face the reality that you’ll still make plenty of embarrassing mistakes while talking to people. When you take the leap some of the energy is used up as fuel for your new level of understanding. So you do need the fuel. Trying to make the leap too early or without any backing will make you crash and burn. You have to know when you are ready to make the leap, and actually do it. It is pointless to keep theorizing about it.


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