Disbelief in Deliberate Evil, and Fluoride

I’ve been listening to Paul Connett on Red Ice Creations talking about the Fluoride Fraud. He highlights the usual stuff how fluoride is harmful with few beneficial effects, however he does not seem to regard it as a deliberate conspiracy. He sees it more as a people simply acting based on false belief, promoting fluoride since they’ve used to doing so and trying to maintain their pride by not facing the fact that fluoride is bad for you. When the host on Red Ice mentioned the claim that fluoride was first used by Nazis or Communists to control people, Connett reacted almost emotionally to deny it. He said there’s not enough evidence for it, just one source claims it. He may very well be right, however I’d say it’s fairly obvious someone is deliberately using fluoride to dumb down people. Maybe it wasn’t the original use for fluoride; it may have been first used by misguided, well-meaning people in an effort to help keep teeth is shape, but eventually someone realized how it can be used to control people.

Connett said it’s preposterous, or something along those lines, that all those dentists who promote fluoride were in on a conspiracy to dumb down people, which is of course a reasonable comment. Yet he does not seem to understand the basic conspiracy structure of the few people on top who know how things work and the countless “useful idiots” who work for them with good intentions. Connett doesn’t have problem understanding the fact that one reason why fluoride is promoted is that various industries are making money off of it, such as the sugar lobby. I see the existence of such a system already as a conspiracy. An organization promoting something as good for health with the sole purpose of making money is already a conspiracy in my book. It’s just so common in the contemporary world that no-one thinks twice about it. I’ve never accepted it as normal or something that simply is. It made me feel crazy, and angrily desperate, when I was younger, since people around me seemed accept all of this insanity as natural simply because that is the way things are, that is the way things are. Few questioned why it is so, and should it continue being so?

Connett also mentioned how he hates blogs, since a lot of people have said nasty things about him on them. I want to make clear I’m not attacking him or anything. What is he doing is very admirable. I simply think he is wrong about fluoride not being a deliberate conspiracy. People have different roles and different ways of perceiving reality. At the risk of sounding haughty, I’d say Connett is an academic/ engineer type of person who understands technical stuff well, but not the intricate ways of society. He projects his simplified view on other people without knowing their motives, seeing only ignorance and pride where there is also malice. You could say the reverse of me, of course, that I see often deliberate malice in cases where people are acting in ignorance, and in many cases you could be right. In the case of fluoride, however, I find it hard to believe there is not a conspiracy involved in forcing it on us.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, various people have their roles. Some focus on the the technical stuff like physics, biology or machines, which is something I’m bad at, while others see things in a more social context. I’m not an expert in it, but I’ve used to doing it, and used to looking at social issues from various angles. I can at least say I have experience in it and I consciously try assess many issues from that perspective. As do a lot people with conspiracies in mind, since unfortunately, our society often looks like a grand conspiracy with many layers, distractions and trap doors.


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