Conspiracy of Stupid

Living in Korea and thus being forced to bear the superficial corporate “culture” of the K-pop industry and idol obsession (and I thought Korea was a fairly Christian country: see the Second Commandment) is somewhat taxing at times. I’m trying not to be judgmental of other people, but sometimes the ire just keeps accruing being surrounded by people whose greatest concern seems to be the latest fad generated by the corporate machine, therefore I must eject the mental and emotional excrement. Not everyone here is like that, but too many are.

It’s hardly an original claim to say that the modern society is superficial and short-sighted, but I just have a hard time understanding why as in the end being superficial and short-sighted is synonymous to being fucking stupid. If I’m honest, I have to say modern society is fucking stupid, even though we’re supposed to have more science and understanding than our ancestors. How can our society be so stupid then?

Being concerned with superficial affairs isn’t necessarily bad. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear good looking clothes, having a nice house or using polite pleasantries in conversation, the problem is when you think the surface is all there is. Anyone older than ten years old should understand that just because someone has a nice smile and an expensive suit does not mean they are a good guy, yet the majority of humanity seems to believe just that (maybe you’ve heard of this guy called Obama..). An adult should understand that even though a pop star looks very pretty, it does not mean that if she was your girlfriend your life would be better. Especially since people should understand that they are plastically surgerized, photoshopped and made-up to look pretty. Yet a lot of guys just care about the good looking image they are shown. Same superficiality extends to science, social issues and politics as well. Scientists think only the things we can see are real, i.e. matter. Even though real science has more or less proven it to be untrue. Consciousness is somewhere in the brain, they assume, without any actual evidence. The idea looks good, we don’t need to dig deeper. There’s a terrible hat-based accident: make a new law regulating the distribution of hats. Don’t look at the cause, just do something so it looks like you’re doing something. There’s a school shooting: ban guns. Don’t look at the reason why this individual felt he had to shoot a bunch of people. Don’t look at the possibility of a false flag, or the involvement of anti-depressants or any other reasonable causes. Politicians try their best to fix society’s problem since they say they do. There’s no conspiracy behind the facade. The media does not lie. The medical establishment isn’t there to make money, but to heal you. Don’t look beyond the shallow veneer.

Short-sightedness in another trademark of our society, and another side of the coin of superficiality. Don’t understand events as a logical progression, instead see them as isolated incidents, mixed in a bowl where you just randomly pull stuff to face one at a time. Credit crunch: ouch. Terrorism: eek. New pop fad: woohoo! (I’m too out of the loop to even know what annoying reality show is popular nowadays.) Natural disaster: argh. The news seem to have a fortnightly memory. Forget simple cause and effect, or emerging patterns, like Saddam was put into power in Iraq by the US, then attacked by the same country. The Taliban was put into power by the US, then attacked by them. What the fuck are you talking about? Who cares? Let’s bomb them. KABOOOOM! Don’t look at history. The Nazis took guns away from their citizens and oppressed and murdered them in nasty ways. Same goes for the Soviets and Mao’s cultural revolution. So what? No connection to contemporary US. Society basically thinks: it’s too bothersome to go to the toilet, I’ll take a dump on my bed instead. There’s no harm since I can sit on the sofa and watch TV.

In all of this insane stupidity one of pet peeves is of course the tendency to ignore notion of conspiracy, being the Conspiracy Nut™ that I am. Actually you could say that very tendency to pretend conspiracies don’t exist eventually made me a conspiracy nut. It is nothing more than a superficial way of looking at politics, big business and other “important stuff” to say conspiracies aren’t involved. I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was a teen I didn’t see  any problem with the concept of conspiracy. I didn’t believe in any global conspiracies like the Illuminati or New World Order, I just realized the obvious fact that occasionally people do conspire. Especially politicians, corporate whores, purveyors of religious dogma and other criminals. It’s just takes common sense and basic understanding of language, i.e. the meaning of the word conspiracy to know that. Yet I learned from society you shouldn’t talk about conspiracies, I didn’t know why, but I didn’t want to become a victim of this conspiracy against common sense. Only by having a very superficial and short-sighted view of society, in other words being very stupid, you can exclude the influence of conspiracies.

The media that simply wants your attention by using the lie of  presenting the truth is a conspiracy. The medical establishment selling you drugs to make money with the excuse of making you healthy is a conspiracy. The academic establishment is full of conspiracies too by covering up important facts about technologically advanced ancient societies as one example. Militaries pretend to be for defense, yet attack other countries, that’s a conspiracy too. Our whole fucking society is a conspiracy. All of these aren’t necessarily consciously interconnected conspiracies orchestrated by one master mind like the Illuminati. It’s possible but as of late I’m leaning towards the idea that we the people invented the Illuminati to protect our idiocy. A few thousand years ago for some reason the consensus of humanity was that we want to be fucking stupid and ignorant. It worked for a while, but then there were some guys who weren’t stupid enough. They asked too many questions, refused the consensus in favour of reason, intuition or morality. We couldn’t have that. We killed them, but then there were more. We had to become a bit smarter to protect our idiocy, a step backward to take a leap forward, so we started to conspire against our better judgment. We created religious institutions, dogma, civilized societies and secret societies to tell us what to do so we’d steer clear of the sin of thinking and exploring things for ourselves. We just like being stupid. I’d rather use my intelligence to protect my stupidity than to actually be smart. Perhaps this is the only we way can perpetuate the notion that we are human, and not something else like an infinite soul experiencing a finite existence (or infinite consciousness having an experience).

P.S. Max Igan, whom I respect immensely, says people who believe this fictional system we live in, is real, do so only because they’ve been told that’s how they should believe. I disagree. It’s a choice. I had been told the same crap, and I refused to accept it. Maybe I just arrived one day late. The first day everyone got a memo saying let’s agree to be stupid. Then me and others who like to question things got there, and saw people acting like idiots, and didn’t understand why. Maybe we’re the ones being assholes by trying to ruin the inner joke everyone else is in on. Maybe we don’t see the big picture. Or maybe they just like being stupid. Conspiracy or no conspiracy to manipulate people into acting like soulless cattle for corporate cocksuckers to play with, the majority does seem to go along with quite happily.


Morphic Fields, the Akashic Records and Divine Aspects

The idea of Morphic Fields is getting me somewhat excited. I first heard about them a few years ago, the idea seemed interesting, but I didn’t quite understand it so it slipped under my radar. A couple of months ago the controversy about TED censoring the talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake (and the third guy whose name no-one remembers) brought them to my attention again.

Sheldrake is the one promoting the theory of Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields, yet, according to him, he wasn’t the one who invented the concept. Morphic Fields are a kind non-physical template which tells both physical and non-physical things (ideas and beliefs) how to manifest. Think of them as programs in this computer generated matrix we live in, where as physical things like people, animals, trees and houses are manifestations of the program, and so are our patterns of behaviour and our thoughts. It’s becoming more clear to me that there indeed exists something non-physical, non-local which is far more real than the matter our churches of Science feed us to believe. I have only a very superficial understanding of what Sheldrake says about it, yet I think I’m beginning to understand just what he is talking about. Right now I want to express my understanding of what the Morphic Fields are, and then look deeper into his work to find out if it matches with what he is saying. Is this an intuitive understanding of a deeper level of reality, or a New Agey wishful fantasy?

For the last couple of months I’ve been pondering about the Morphic Fields, and their function and purpose. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw on Red Ice Creations an interview of Chris Thomas with the words Akashic Record next to his name. It hit me: Morphic Field is the Akashic Records. I had heard about the Akashic as a teenager and found the idea extremely fascinating, yet I was unable to imagine how it could be anything more than a myth. The Akashic is a mystical record from Vedic (Indian) that supposedly records everything that has ever happened (the Book of Life from the Bible?) Chris Thomas claims he has a natural connection to the Akashic and he can easily draw information from it. Of course it is not a book, nor any kind of paper scripture but am energetic form of some sort, but as a teenager I thought how could everything that exists be written in a book, how big it would be, would it record meaningless stuff like how many times I’ve taken a dump?

Anyway, after connecting the idea of the Morphic Fields and the Akashic Records together, I googled it and seemed like other people had thought of it too. In fact, seems like Rupert Sheldrake himself has also said they are the same thing. Plato’s plane of ideas has also been connected with the Morphic Fields. This realization has helped me connect many previously errant dots together. Currently it seems so, time will tell if this turns out to be a wild goose chase. However, even if it is, at least I get some exercise.

The Morphic Fields give us our physical form. I think of it like a computer game with 3D polygon graphics. All humans use the same basic template, but individuals have different details to their Skin. Animals like wolves, cows and non-humanoid monsters are different from humans, but closer to them than the template for trees. In addition to the physical body, the Fields define our personality, beliefs and memory. The mind too is probably a Morphic Field. We have our personal fields, but they are entangled together with more universal Fields, such as Christian, British or male. A belief system is in effect a Field, a frequency shared by people who live within that Morphic Field. It is difficult to relate to someone who is attuned to a different frequency than you. For example, here in Korea many of my class mates are little girls who like Korean pop idols, I on the other hand find them uninteresting at best as I am not attuned to that frequency or channel. I don’t even pay much attention to the realm of Korean pop music, except if I see an annoying effeminate boyband on TV, I noticed it for long enough to consciously turn my head away. On the other hand if I see a girl group with pretty ladies, I pay more attention since I am attuned to the channel of Pretty Girls, even though I don’t care about commercial pop music.

These different fields and frequencies don’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s difficult to say where one begins and another ends. They are intermingled in a sea of Morphic Fields, with enormous fields encompassing smaller ones. The universe is one field, the galaxy is one, the solar system is one, the Earth is one, a continent is one, a nation is one… Within one nation there are various people with various beliefs and desires from Christian conservatives, to atheistic liberals and cooky conspiracy nuts. They have difficulty interacting with one another because quite literally they are not on the same page in the Akashic Record. That is why it does not matter how hard you provide evidence that 9/11 was an inside job to someone if it is in direct opposition of a major Morphic Field they are strongly attuned to. Such a false flag is impossible in the world of a boring academic or a “good law abiding citizen”, their Morphic Field can not contain such information therefore their hearts and minds will reject the information until something changes the Morphic Field. Morphic Fields can of course be changed with information. Either a stronger Morphic Fields affects the weaker one, or an individual can consciously decide to change things within his field. He can choose not to identify with one field anymore, or try to strengthen his affinity with another. For example when I was younger I had strong instinct to despise Christianity and identify with atheism, however some years ago I ceased identifying with both world views.

Sheldrake says these fields have habits of doing something. Habits can be hard to change, occasionally they do change. At times they change by themselves or because you want them to change. If you have a habit of believing what the government and the media say, you do it for a long time until you begin to realize it conflicts with what you see. This is often painful, as it means one Morphic Field you were attuned to is being overridden by another. Something within you is under attack. However the field you were attuned to was harmful to you, it is a positive change.

The Morphic Field is information. Like in the Matrix movies the green letters and numbers on the screen. That is what defines us, not the external shell we’re used to seeing. This information spans beyond our puny existences as well. The gods of various cultures referred probably originally to Morphic Fields as well, god of thunder, god of the sea, god of war and so on. These descriptions are merely modern watered down interpretations of something we don’t understand anymore. The Norse god Thor is not merely a god of Thunder, he is associated with thunder, but he is more than an anthropomorphization of one natural phenomenon. Ares is not just a god of war, especially since war is a fairly abstract concept. The pantheons of countless cultures refer to the Morphic Fields, especially the Egyptian Neters.

If practically all information is contained in these non-local fields, and the fields can change, then would it mean that the laws of reality can change as well? I think so. One reason why life and people’s perception of reality was so different a few millennia ago is that it was different. The field they lived in was different. Their reality was different. The age of Taurus was different to Pisces and Aquarius will be different too.

The Morphic Fields seem to explain countless questions I’ve had over the course of time from synchronicity and telepathy to romantic love and past life experiences. Yet many questions still remain such a what is the nature of time, is it another field or just a state of perception? It seems that Morphic Resonance is what creates the field, what is it? I’ll probably try to explore those questions later but right now I’m quite happy with these new discoveries. Yet it must be stated that the Morphic Resonance and Field are a theory, and my understanding of the matter is mere conjecture. Take it with a grain of salt, yet I feel like I’m going somewhere with this. Also one question may arise about his: “What if the Morphic Fields are what I described, so what? What practical benefit will this knowledge bring?” A good question, and right now I have no other answer but understanding how things really work, instead of having dry mathematical theories for convenience, should eventually bear tasty fruit.

Why use Crisis Actors?

When I first wrote about the Boston Bombings in the post Desensitized to Violence, Marathon Bombing and False Flags, I commented on the bloody pictures I’d seen: “I’ve seen similar stuff in countless movies and video games. This one, of course, is supposed to be real so it felt a bit different and more gruesome.” I really thought the pictures were real, yet I felt at the time I should add the “is supposed to be”, since I’ve learned to not trust what I see. I’m glad I did (merely to save my ego the humiliation of being gullible), as it seems crisis actors were used during the event. I’m still not saying it’s 100% false flag, nor that they were crisis actors, but it sure does look like it. And I’m yet to hear a convincing alternative explanation for the bombing.

The pictures of the guy in the wheel chair and the woman with the “fake blood bottle” do seem like actors. I’m even suspicious of the body of dead Tamerlan. Could it be photoshopped?

If in fact actors were used during the attack, why? After all they’re taking the risk of being exposed. Is it just to manufacture propaganda pictures? There were many real victims, shouldn’t photos of them be enough? I think the crisis actors were used to convince people it wasn’t a false flag. A lot of people are simply unable to accept the idea that they would use actors for something like this. Also, if conspiracy nuts point out they used actors, some can go overboard and shoot themselves in the foot by claiming the whole event was fake. They probably want us to scream out loud they are actors, so we prove to people sitting on the fence we are delusional. The idea of a false flag may not be so far out to a lot of people, but the idea of using actors in a real tragedy is out of the question to them. The conspirators have to offer all sorts of red herrings and wild geese to chase, as well as conflicting information so people start arguing over small details and don’t see the forest from the trees, which is that the whole set up stinks.

Also the bombing might act as a diversion. Perhaps the explosion in the Texas fertilizer plant wasn’t an accident. I really don’t know much about it, I’m not saying there’s necessarily anything fishy about it. We should find out. Of course both explosions might be diversions for something else (CISPA), or something I haven’t even heard of because I’d been preoccupied with this stuff.

Emotional Robots, Rising above Emotion

People are controlled by their emotions, yet they celebrate those emotions. They are kept in a pen, an intellectual level, a frequency where only their emotion matters to them. A thing gives them good emotion, the thing is good (tasty food, music, Obama smiling). A thing gives them bad emotion, the thing is bad (bad food, annoying behaviour, terrorism). If, however, something sends them mixed emotion or they cannot relate to it, it does not exist in the world of the people. They might recognize it exists somewhere out there beyond, but not in the pen they are kept in. It does not matter to them. Like ants looking at an aeroplane; they might see it, recognize it’s a thing, but unable to comprehend what it is and why it is there.

A day or two ago there was an article on Infowars which mentioned how the main stream media doesn’t portray anyone being angry about the Boston bombings. Sadness and fear are good to show, but anger is difficult to control. It might cause them to break the chains, so anger is not allowed. Not only are people kept in this emotional prison by emotions, but the emotions they experience are controlled.

Yet it’s not too difficult to break out of this prison. All you need to do is stop identifying with your emotions. You don’t have to let go of emotions, merely recognize them as an aspect, a detail to be looked at like the wrinkles on your fingers or that scar on your knee. Start looking at life from a perspective other than the one told to you by your emotions, since you are not your emotions. Emotions are basically beliefs. It’s impossible not to have them, yet you mustn’t hold on to beliefs or they will tie you down. Let them go free.

Not being enslaved by emotion does not make you a robot; I’d rather say it is the opposite. When emotions rule over you, you are predictable and programmed to do actions the emotions tell you to. Rising above emotion means you have those emotions, but you discover other things in yourself as well as the outside world. You see things differently. This is no New Age wishy washy stuff neither. I can give you a few concrete examples of how I rise above my emotions (hopefully) every day. For example, now I’m writing this blog. I’m doing something I deem meaningful, even though before I started writing my emotions said it’s boring and bothersome, I should just watch Youtube. Yet now I’m doing it, and actually feeling more free than ten minutes ago. Same goes for doing boring stuff what I don’t like such as school work. I don’t like doing it, yet I’ve told myself I’m gonna have to do it eventually, so better to get it out of the way as soon as possible, even though the emotions wanna act like a spoiled brat.

Today I was having dinner with some friends and one of them made a sort of snide remark of me having commented on Facebook on the Boston Bombing being a false flag and other stuff. My emotions said it’s embarrassing to talk about it and I should dissolve the situation, still I didn’t do it. I spoke my mind using concepts those guys could relate to, how it’s in the interest of the government to keep citizens in fear to control them, etc. I wasn’t very eloquent, but at least I don’t think they saw me as a mere “conspiracy nut” and I gave them something to think about.

Not being too concerned with your emotions is more human than being caught in them. A higher level of perception, yet not all that high in the end. I’d say the kind of logic and reason inherent in behaviour where you judge things based on facts and observation, such as looking at false flags and calling a spade a spade, is a higher level of perception than looking at false flags and thinking “I don’t think the government would kill their own people” based on nothing but emotion (“I wouldn’t do something like that, nor would the idea of government that exists in my head.”). Yet reason is at best a tool. Something to help rid yourself of weeds. It cannot make you grow pretty flowers or tasty fruit. For that level of perception you have to view things from an even higher point, a more spiritual approach, which is something I’m still struggling with. The higher you go, the less robotic you become. Even though I doubt it’s actually some sort of hierarchy, that personal evolution is a tower where you climb up taking increasingly more difficult exams on each floor. “Higher” is probably an inaccurate word, perhaps “truer” or “more real” would be better.

The Two Illuminatis

There is this undeniable part of the Conspiracy, which many people still try to deny, such as the manufactured wars, the fake monetary and banking system, lie-filled mass media, dogmatic science and religion. If you explore any of those areas earnestly you cannot help but eventually run into a deliberate conspiracy eventually. Much of our view of reality has been manufactured in order to deceive us, by someone or something. This is the undeniable Illuminati. If you go deeper into reptilians, the nature of the matrix, connections to ancient history and all that, it’s very difficult to say for sure what is real and what is not. Has the Illuminati existed for millennia, or are the connections to ancient past merely wishful thinking on the part of the conspirators; an attempt to make their “grand work” seem grander than it is? Or has it been invented by over-zealous conspiracy researchers? These are pertinent questions most of us are unable to answer, therefore we should ask and discuss them even more than the things we already know to be true.

Yet that is not the second aspect of the Illuminati. The first aspect being the conspiracy that a growing minority of people are beginning to see. The second is the Illuminati of our creation. The Illuminati can have power only if we believe them to have power. If we believe in their cultural meme. The Illuminati can exist just fine without us; three nerds living in a basement can form a group they call Illuminati, but it can be powerful only when vast amounts of people believe it is powerful, or rather when the organizations and people Illuminati controls are thought to be powerful. For millennia the vast majority of humanity saw the person sitting on the throne as being powerful. When he spoke, people obeyed. Now people are beginning to realize it’s actually the person behind the throne who has the power. The king is merely a puppet of more secretive and powerful group. A whole cultural meme has been born around this idea, and people debate over who or what that shadow group actually is; Freemasons, Jesuits, reptilians, the list goes on.

More important than asking who the shadow group is, is asking why do we think they are powerful? To most contemporary people the idea of kneeling in front of a king seems silly and humiliating, yet they see no problem in accepting the authority of a government, or a secretive group behind the government. The people may hate the authority figure, but they still recognize it as being a powerful authority. The whole idea of power is very abstract, yet with very concrete results. It makes sense if the “king” is a strong alpha male who says “obey me or I kick your ass!” Few people would dare to disobey him in front of him, yet he’s still one man. A group of weaker, more determined men could take him. Alternatively they could just leave and let him be the king by himself. However, instead of trying to assert their own power, many weaker men would become the king’s bitches to feast on the left-overs of his power. A cowardly act in my opinion.

In effect, this concept of power, seems to be both an idea and an emotional attachment. First of all the are bombarded with propaganda ever since birth that the king/ government/ Illuminati is powerful and you must obey, whether it is out of love or fear does not matter. You are conditioned to believe that, and not to ask why, how and what is this concept called power anyways? When it becomes a belief you get emotionally attached to it, an integral part of your reality. If someone threatens the idea, they threaten your world, thus you become defensive. Someone says to a proper law-abiding citizen that the government orchestrated the latest terrorist attack, you threaten their world where the government may make mistakes, but would never intentionally murder innocent people. Conversely you say to a conspiracy theorist the latest tragedy had nothing to do with the Illuminati, you are saying that either their authority figure is not all powerful, or perhaps does not even exist. The facts in both of these instances are only secondary, the emotion of wanting to defend that which you view to be powerful is most important. You are emotionally invested in the idea that INSERT AUTHORITY is powerful and behaves in a certain way, therefore you do not like others saying things that contradict this idea.

The more insidious side of the Illuminati is the prison which we enforce ourselves with cultural memes and emotions. Many of those memes we learned from others, yet it is us who persist holding on to them. One might ask the proverbial chicken and the egg question; are we conditioned because of the Illuminati has designed it so, or do we condition ourselves due to our inability to take responsibility for ourselves and invent the Illuminati to free us from culpability? Actually is does not matter which came first, as both are true. We deceive and enslave ourselves, and we are deceived and enslaved by the Illuminati. To unslave (borrowed from M. Tsarion) ourselves, we need to stop playing their game of thrones. We don’t need to believe in any external authority, benign or malign, government, church, king or secret society. We can and should recognize their existence, but they can only have power when we agree to it. A movie is entertaining only if we feel it is. A book is profound only if we agree it is. A dish tastes good only is we think it does. That is how the power lies in us. We have the power to create any control structure to oppress us if we so desire, as well as we have the power live without any system. Choice between love and fear. Be bad-ass or suck ass.

Emotional Fakery

This is just the kind of crap I was talking about yesterday: “Boston Marathon bombings conspiracy theorists thwarted by man who purchases website ”

The NY Daily News article praises some guy who bought the website just so conspiracy nuts couldn’t buy it. Another guy bought It says on the website:




All this pointless effort for the sake of emotionalism. The article, nor the act of buying the website name, has nothing to do with the marathon bombing. No new information, no content. Mere emotional masturbation. The only purpose it serves is to direct attention away from the facts. “Please keep the victims of this event and their families in your thougts.” Bullshit and fucking fake. Other way of saying: someone is sad, shut up and stop thinking.

The NY Daily News article makes a big deal about it how it took Alex Jones 30 minutes to suggest it’s a  false flag. It probably took me even shorter to think that. Let me tell you why. If there is a random bombing, i.e. act of terror, at a public event someone must have perpetrated it. The usual suspect is of course FBI, CIA, Mossad, the US government or something along those lines. Those groups have a history of false flags and fake terrorism, and they have the means to carry out acts of terror. However, I’m still not saying it is a false flag, I am merely saying it looks like it. It could be someone else like religious or political extremists, a mad scientist or a time traveling Mickey Mouse. However we should not forget that the government supports various extremist groups to use in false flags and other acts terror. Then again, maybe it’s a bona fide amateur act of terror. At this stage it is difficult to say anything for sure, except it would be wise to start with the usual suspects and the professional terrorists. If the culprit isn’t found there, let’s look somewhere else. Even if it is not a false flag, the government will treat it as such. Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

At first, I just heard there was an explosion in a marathon. I thought it might be an accident, but media said there were bombs. Apparently it is a conspiracy, which makes in effect censoring the bostonmarathonconspiracy -websites an insult to intelligence. Not that the website name really matters that much in the first place, but it would seem the bombing is a conspiracy. Whether it was perpetrated by crazy extremists or the crazy government is another thing. Unless of course it was a Lone Nut™, which is suspicious in it self, and suggests conspiracy.

Yet I’m suspicious of much of the information surfaced so far, like the guy on the roof of the building in the photo. So what? If there was a marathon close to where I live, I might climb on the roof too to see it. Or was the building off limits to people? Can someone find out who the guy in the picture is? If it was a false flag, they’re bound to spread disinfo to confuse us conspiracy nuts, and make us look foolish when we promote something that can later be proven false.

Desensitized to Violence, Marathon Bombing and False Flags

As long as I can remember I’ve heard claims that TV and other modern entertainment make you desensitized to violence. It’s so horrible and yadayadayada. Moreover sometimes in the alternative or conspiracy nut community people paint horror stories how the violence in TV programs nowadays turn people into violent monsters or something along those lines. While I agree wholeheartedly that TV makes you stupid, or maybe you are stupid if you wanna watch too much of it, and there’s probably too much gratuitous violence on TV, yet it’s only a manifestation of our culture. Civilized culture is violent. Always has been, always will be. It was so in Rome, Babylon and ancient China, as it is today. Maybe presenting the grotesque nature of violence is one of the few good things TV does, whether it happens in the newest popular dramas or on the news. Getting used to seeing the violence which is ever present in our lives, whether we export it into third world countries as imperialism or “free trade”, or as school shootings, marathon bombings and false flags in our own countries, is a positive development. Living in the West 50 years ago you didn’t see so much brutality in your neighbourhood, but violence was still there, merely exported somewhere else.

As I looked at some pictures of the Boston marathon bombing (which looks like a false flag, yet too early to say), which happened today, I didn’t feel any great emotion. After all, I’ve seen similar stuff in countless movies and video games. This one, of course, is supposed to be real so it felt a bit different and more gruesome, but I can say I didn’t experience any shock. You might say I’ve become desensitized to violence, which is good. I can look at something nasty without being overwhelmed by emotion. What’s wrong with that? It doesn’t mean I’m callous, that I don’t care. I do. Instead of reacting emotionally like a caged animal banging its head against the bars and achieving nothing more than a hemorrhage, I can analyze the situation based on the information I’ve given to draw conclusions, and hopefully gain some understanding why such an incident had occurred. If I possess such understanding, perhaps I can do something to help prevent similar tragedies in the future. I bet a lot of people are shocked by the marathon bombing and shut down their reason and accept whoever the main stream media says the culprit is.

I find such emotionalism bothersome and counterproductive. After 9/11 a lot of people were in shock, me too unfortunately, and accepted whatever bullshit they were fed about Al CIAda and Bin Laden. If someone tried to offer them alternative explanations, they’d react emotionally and say they are being disrespectful towards the families of the victims. That doesn’t make any fucking sense when you think about it. Not exploring the causes of a terrible tragedy is disrespectful towards the victims. Trying to find out why people were murdered is an honorable act. Yet it’s supposed to be “human” to feel this shock and awe, and be intellectually paralyzed. I prefer to think it is learned behaviour. We’re told by society we should act this way so we do.

I am not callous, I am not jaded. I think people who live in fairy tale worlds where the government is nice, false flags are inconceivable and society knows best are jaded. They live in fear, yet cover it up with complex emotional voodoo. I guess you can be shocked only by new and surprising events, and a bomb going off in a major city in the US is hardly something new and surprising. People who find it shocking should wake the fuck up and smell the control system. You let the fox guard the hen house, so don’t start crying when your chickens get eaten.