Marriage, Semantics, and other Gay Stuff

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people passionately arguing about gay marriage. A lot of people support it, while others say marriage is only between a man and a woman. I certainly do not support gay marriage, or any other marriage for that matter, but I’m not opposed to it either. I’m not sure what the issue really is, and pretty sure most of the people arguing aren’t sure either. Are they arguing about the semantics of the word “marriage”, a law set by church or state, or recognition of their neighbours? If the first applies, I have some sympathy for those opposing gay marriage as traditionally it has meant a union between a man and a woman. However words change all the time, sometimes for worse, but in this case the expansion of the word marriage seems quite reasonable. Mouse used to mean a furry little animal that cats like to eat, but nowadays it’s mostly associated with an elliptic plastic device attached to your computer. They could have a compromise with marriage meaning a union with a man and a woman, and gay marriage meaning a union with two people of the same sex.

Perhaps people are arguing about legality. If they really care what some people of paper hold by the government or the church says about their relationship, people can go fuck themselves while they wait to grow up. It makes absolutely no sense to require the acceptance of an abstract authority figure that exists only on paper to verify the existence of any kind of relationship between people. Imagine if I had to ask the president that are the people I meet several times a week my friends or not? Do I need to ask a priest who my parents are? Only you can define our personal relationships with people, not some abstract authority. I can understand if people want the acknowledgement of their parents or some other actual people they know for their marriage, but churches and governments are not people. Their laws don’t matter.

Is the issue about social recognition? Do gays want other people to accept their marriage? Probably. Yet the vast majority of people I’ve seen waving the flag for gay marriage are not gay themselves. What do they care? If two people wanna be gay, all they should expect from others is to be left alone, i.e. not persecuted with violence or verbal abuse. The fact is that many people do not like the idea of gay marriage, and that is their right. If gay supporters somehow expect everyone to magically approve of gay marriage and pat gay couples on the back they can dream on. Ultimately this sort of thinking is merely imposing your beliefs onto others. I’d like social recognition for being a conspiracy nut, roleplayer and a wannabe philosopher, alas the first attribute is scorned, the second one misunderstood and the third one ignored. As long as they don’t actively prevent me from doing any of these activities, I have no grounds for complaint. If you really wanna be gay and married, you can be. Yet most people promoting gay marriage don’t seem to want to do it, they do it for juvenile pretension of doing something socially significant.

New definition for marriage: two people who reside in the same domicile while in a romantic relationship. Nothing more, nothing less.

Still, I’m an old fashioned guy. I prefer we’d go back to the roots of marriage. Your parents choose who you have to marry while you’re still you’re a kid, or perhaps even before you are born, for the purposes of political or financial gain. See how romantic and natural that feels. No reason to exclude gays from that. Mix of modernity and tradition. Your parents wanna marry little Billy to big Bruce. Doesn’t matter Billy isn’t gay as long as parents make a profit.


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