Things Change all the Time

You hear every now and then how things never change, how people are as selfish as always, politicians crooked and businessmen greedy. The Illuminati rules over us and there is nothing we can do. Things have always been like this, therefore they will always be like this. It is wrong. Things change all the time. They have changed greatly even during my 31 years of life. Let’s take a few personal, yet not socially groundbreaking , changes in my life.

When I was a teen I liked Star Trek; Star Trek Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Still do, except maybe Voyager. Back in the mid and late nineties in Finland the only ways to get access to Star Trek episodes was to hope they show them on television and tape them, or buy VHS tapes with around three episodes a tape. Back in the nineties they never showed all of the Next Gen, DS9 or Voyager episodes on TV, and probably none of the Original Series. You had to hunt for the VHS tapes in video stores which wasn’t easy. The video stores in my town only had a limited amount of tapes and you had to go to video stores in other cities to hunt for them. Besides, being a teen money was limited too. However in the early-to-mid 2000s when internet became more commonplace in my life I discovered I could just download all of the Star Trek episodes online, for free. Back in the nineties, I couldn’t have imagined anything like this. It was beyond a dream. I liked technology, as you can guess from a Star Trek fan, but I still couldn’t have imagined this.

Just look at how the internet and cellphones in general have changed our lives. Cars, and even trains, are fairly new inventions if you know anything about history. In fact, only people who have no understanding history can claim things never change, since they have little perspective to see change in. If you look at your life during the last two years, you cannot see a big change, but take 10 years and things look different.

Now these changes I described are mostly of  the technological kind, and you can argue whether they are positive or negative changes until the cows come home. The fact is they have changed the lives a countless people significantly. If you look at society, how people interact with each other, power relations and such, things haven’t changed as much. Yet it doesn’t mean it cannot change. Even though we have all these fancy idea about democracy and equality people are still enslaved to some sort of oligarchy. The French beheaded their nobility, yet after a while they get Napoleon. Russians got rid of the Czar only to be replaced by Lenin and Stalin. China -> Mao. USA freed themselves from the English only to be enslaved to the bankers and the Fed. We Finns freed ourselves from Russians and Swedes only to join the EU. The gullibility and shortsightedness of the people would seem to be unchanging. However…

That is only because people do not change it. People don’t identify themselves with themselves anymore, they identify with technology, or political and religious ideas. So they can only change those ideas. If people choose to figure out themselves who they are, then they can begin to change what they are. The Awakening, the Paradigm Shift, the big change is coming. There’s not stopping it, but it is for us to decide what changes. Do we get only a temporary utopia, an ephemeral awakening, a playtime summer, after which we submit once again to the new face of the Old World Order, or do we change ourselves so that we can only live in freedom, and by being independent?


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