Reptilians, ETs and other alien things

One of the most dividing and perplexing issues in the conspiracy movement (sounds better than the truth movement) is the reptilians and other alien beings. I’m still not sure what to think of it. On one level it does sound plausible that reptilians, grays and other aliens (be they terrestrial or extra-terrestrial in origin) do exist. However, I don’t know that they do. There’s a big difference in believing something possible and believing something to be real. Assuming they are real, then there’s the question of their motives. Are some/all of them “evil”, just some, or much can we even apply such simplified morality in this issue? They seem to be less material as we, inter-dimensional, 4-dimensional or something like that. But I don’t wanna go into all that now. Let’s focus on the whether they exist or not, and what we can know about it.

The best known, and most reliable, proponent of the reptilian issue is David Icke. I’ve read a few of his books, not all, not even half, but I’ve watched countless hours of his lectures and interviews, so I regard myself as qualified to say he does not prove the existence of reptilians in any sense. He has little actual evidence, I’m not sure if he even claims to have seen one himself. Icke mostly repeats what other people have told him. While he does not prove anything in any sense of the word, I’d say he makes a good case that should be taken seriously.

What I like about Icke’s reptilian claims is that it is completely outrageous and crazy. When I discovered Icke, and reptilian thing, almost five years ago, I thought it was crazy and stupid. I remember laughing out loud sitting in front of my computer. Yet, as absurd as it sounded, it still made more sense than anything the main stream media had told me. I had to take a serious look. The first thing I discovered is that there seemed to be many videos on Youtube about reptilians that are obviously fake. It made me first entertain the idea they might be real. Anyone with half-a-brain looking at those videos would realize they are fake, and most would conclude that the whole reptilian issue is fake. I, on the other hand, saw it as a possibility. It looked as if someone is trying to hide their existence.

However five years later I can’t claim to have a much better understanding of the reptilian issue. I still cannot say whether they are real or not. What I can say is, the way Icke presented the story, it forced me confront many of my silly old beliefs, many of which had been implanted into my by the main stream against my will. As an intellectual tool the reptilian story is first class.

What I don’t like about Icke’s reptilian story is that it’s still more or less based on his word, and dubious witnesses like Arizona Wilder. Cathy O’Brien said she saw a reptilian, but thought it was some sort of holographic hoax. Many other things that Icke has said are true, or seem very true, therefore you’d be inclined to believe the other stuff he has to say. Perhaps it is true, he might be completely right. Or it’s a very good way to spread disinfo. Get other to trust you with good info, then start with the disinfo. Yet I don’t believe Icke spreads disinfo. Some misinfo at times, everyone does that. No-one is perfect. One thing about the reptilians has always bothered me. Icke says they are shapeshifters, if so, then how can he know they are reptilians? Maybe it’s another disguise for something else.

There are also countless other sources that tell stories ETs; grays, reptilians, Nordics, Mantids, Leonoids, ad nauseam. While a ton of those sources are disinfo or just New Age hogwash, a great many are probably genuine. That’s not to say they are true, but the people telling the stories are being honest and saying something they deem relevant. I’ve never looked that deeply into Ufology as even if the claims are convincing, they’re still mere stories, or vague pictures. I need something more than that.

I prefer to avoid extremes in issues like these. I won’t say I believe in reptilians, grays or any specific non-human intelligent beings. I believe there is life out there somewhere which isn’t quite as we know it, but I prefer to have a vague idea about it until I actually know something more. I won’t say aliens and reptilians exist or don’t exist. I also think it’s extreme to say that all claims about aliens are merely CIA propaganda. You can make extreme judgements only about issues you know extremely well.

I’m not sure what I can do to gain more understanding of the truth behind reptilians and other alien creatures. I don’t think reading a few more books will do much either. A new approach must be taken.


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