North Korean Monster Spawner

I’m currently living in Seoul, South Korea, and therefore faced with the question is North Korea going to attack? The locals don’t seem too concerned. They’ve used to living under the threat of North Korean hostilities all their lives. They’re not desensitized to it, rather they understand there is no reason living in fear. If the North is going to attack they attack, and the South Koreans switch into survival mode. Until then, however they’re best off living their lives. That is something I respect about Koreans. Moreover the common people seem to understand that the North Koreans want to live too; war would mean annihilation of both parties. They are being blusterous only because they want food, money and resources. South Koreans don’t seem to think the North is going to attack any time soon, nor does my intuition say they are.

I could go through various claims from media, both main stream and alternative to try to decipher what sort of stories the media is pushing, read through the lines and all that, but I don’t think I should bother. The media knows as little as I do. What you can count on is the media lies or at least distorts information either to push fear or just to make an interesting story so people keep buying their crap. The attitude of main stream people, i.e. people who have been programmed by the main stream media to think a certain simplified and idiotic way about North Korea, simply makes me sick. Whereas the alternative media is for the most part more intelligent and mature, they still don’t know what is going on. The main stream view about conflicts, wars and “rogue nations” like North Korea seem to be like from a video game. Every now and then a bunch monsters or bad guys spawn from a dark cave and heroes have to go defeat them. This concept is ridiculous and someone can accept it only by suppressing their reason. Many games are fun, fighting bad guys is enjoyable, so it makes sense not to think too deeply about it, however this world a bit more serious. I do believe “It’s only a ride”, but still you should at least use common sense every now and then or you’ll fall off. Ask yourself why is North Korea in the state it is in, instead of turning on the burning paladin program.

I see North Korea as a bullied child that has withdrawn from others into its strange own world, since it’s the only way it sees it can survive. The others have little empathy towards the North, they can accept the North only if it starts to behave as the others do with little consideration for the unique situation. Moreover, there’s that one kid that doesn’t want North to join the others since it can point to N-Korea and say “see how scary he is, you need me to protect you”. No doubt the regime is oppressive and it probably sucks living in North Korea even more than in most other countries. Even though haven’t been there, what do I know. I have, however, lived in South Korea for over 6 months and I find it oppressive too. Finland has felt oppressive as well, but Korea even more so. Society excepts the people sacrifice their lives for their work or school like slaves. The culture is mostly hijacked by corporate entities like Samsung and the pop-industry. (The music here is awful.) Seoul especially feels like a feudal state with the corporations as lords, and the people exist to serve them. Living as a student here the dorms are very oppressive, you can’t have friends over, no alcohol, no fun. Fortunately depending on the dorm you may be able to ignore some of the rules some of the time (but not all of the rules all of the time). I could go on for a long time why South Korean society sucks too, but let’s just say they’ve created, or allowed someone else to create, this elaborate system to enslave the people in convoluted and arbitrary ways. Many Koreans seem to even understand the situation and be unhappy with it, yet few of them do little about it. All the world is oppressive, the difference with North Korea is they are using the old system of oppression, they haven’t upgraded to the modern one filled with shallow promises of freedom and unequal equality.

Back to the possibility of war. I guess ultimately it is up to the governments. The people’s of both Koreas don’t want war, but who knows about the governments. Or the World Government. I guess it’s up to them. Well, not completely. Even if the governments want war the people don’t have to participate.


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