Desensitized to Violence, Marathon Bombing and False Flags

As long as I can remember I’ve heard claims that TV and other modern entertainment make you desensitized to violence. It’s so horrible and yadayadayada. Moreover sometimes in the alternative or conspiracy nut community people paint horror stories how the violence in TV programs nowadays turn people into violent monsters or something along those lines. While I agree wholeheartedly that TV makes you stupid, or maybe you are stupid if you wanna watch too much of it, and there’s probably too much gratuitous violence on TV, yet it’s only a manifestation of our culture. Civilized culture is violent. Always has been, always will be. It was so in Rome, Babylon and ancient China, as it is today. Maybe presenting the grotesque nature of violence is one of the few good things TV does, whether it happens in the newest popular dramas or on the news. Getting used to seeing the violence which is ever present in our lives, whether we export it into third world countries as imperialism or “free trade”, or as school shootings, marathon bombings and false flags in our own countries, is a positive development. Living in the West 50 years ago you didn’t see so much brutality in your neighbourhood, but violence was still there, merely exported somewhere else.

As I looked at some pictures of the Boston marathon bombing (which looks like a false flag, yet too early to say), which happened today, I didn’t feel any great emotion. After all, I’ve seen similar stuff in countless movies and video games. This one, of course, is supposed to be real so it felt a bit different and more gruesome, but I can say I didn’t experience any shock. You might say I’ve become desensitized to violence, which is good. I can look at something nasty without being overwhelmed by emotion. What’s wrong with that? It doesn’t mean I’m callous, that I don’t care. I do. Instead of reacting emotionally like a caged animal banging its head against the bars and achieving nothing more than a hemorrhage, I can analyze the situation based on the information I’ve given to draw conclusions, and hopefully gain some understanding why such an incident had occurred. If I possess such understanding, perhaps I can do something to help prevent similar tragedies in the future. I bet a lot of people are shocked by the marathon bombing and shut down their reason and accept whoever the main stream media says the culprit is.

I find such emotionalism bothersome and counterproductive. After 9/11 a lot of people were in shock, me too unfortunately, and accepted whatever bullshit they were fed about Al CIAda and Bin Laden. If someone tried to offer them alternative explanations, they’d react emotionally and say they are being disrespectful towards the families of the victims. That doesn’t make any fucking sense when you think about it. Not exploring the causes of a terrible tragedy is disrespectful towards the victims. Trying to find out why people were murdered is an honorable act. Yet it’s supposed to be “human” to feel this shock and awe, and be intellectually paralyzed. I prefer to think it is learned behaviour. We’re told by society we should act this way so we do.

I am not callous, I am not jaded. I think people who live in fairy tale worlds where the government is nice, false flags are inconceivable and society knows best are jaded. They live in fear, yet cover it up with complex emotional voodoo. I guess you can be shocked only by new and surprising events, and a bomb going off in a major city in the US is hardly something new and surprising. People who find it shocking should wake the fuck up and smell the control system. You let the fox guard the hen house, so don’t start crying when your chickens get eaten.


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