Emotional Fakery

This is just the kind of crap I was talking about yesterday: “Boston Marathon bombings conspiracy theorists thwarted by man who purchases website ”

The NY Daily News article praises some guy who bought the website bostonmarathonconspiracy.com just so conspiracy nuts couldn’t buy it. Another guy bought bostonmarathonconspiracies.com. It says on the website:




All this pointless effort for the sake of emotionalism. The article, nor the act of buying the website name, has nothing to do with the marathon bombing. No new information, no content. Mere emotional masturbation. The only purpose it serves is to direct attention away from the facts. “Please keep the victims of this event and their families in your thougts.” Bullshit and fucking fake. Other way of saying: someone is sad, shut up and stop thinking.

The NY Daily News article makes a big deal about it how it took Alex Jones 30 minutes to suggest it’s a  false flag. It probably took me even shorter to think that. Let me tell you why. If there is a random bombing, i.e. act of terror, at a public event someone must have perpetrated it. The usual suspect is of course FBI, CIA, Mossad, the US government or something along those lines. Those groups have a history of false flags and fake terrorism, and they have the means to carry out acts of terror. However, I’m still not saying it is a false flag, I am merely saying it looks like it. It could be someone else like religious or political extremists, a mad scientist or a time traveling Mickey Mouse. However we should not forget that the government supports various extremist groups to use in false flags and other acts terror. Then again, maybe it’s a bona fide amateur act of terror. At this stage it is difficult to say anything for sure, except it would be wise to start with the usual suspects and the professional terrorists. If the culprit isn’t found there, let’s look somewhere else. Even if it is not a false flag, the government will treat it as such. Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

At first, I just heard there was an explosion in a marathon. I thought it might be an accident, but media said there were bombs. Apparently it is a conspiracy, which makes in effect censoring the bostonmarathonconspiracy -websites an insult to intelligence. Not that the website name really matters that much in the first place, but it would seem the bombing is a conspiracy. Whether it was perpetrated by crazy extremists or the crazy government is another thing. Unless of course it was a Lone Nut™, which is suspicious in it self, and suggests conspiracy.

Yet I’m suspicious of much of the information surfaced so far, like the guy on the roof of the building in the photo. So what? If there was a marathon close to where I live, I might climb on the roof too to see it. Or was the building off limits to people? Can someone find out who the guy in the picture is? If it was a false flag, they’re bound to spread disinfo to confuse us conspiracy nuts, and make us look foolish when we promote something that can later be proven false.


One thought on “Emotional Fakery”

  1. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Now just think of the things that will be banned because of it. Slow cookers? Ball bearings, gun powder? Good people are all around, it’s just the government I do not trust and and neither believe the lies that come out of their.

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