The Two Illuminatis

There is this undeniable part of the Conspiracy, which many people still try to deny, such as the manufactured wars, the fake monetary and banking system, lie-filled mass media, dogmatic science and religion. If you explore any of those areas earnestly you cannot help but eventually run into a deliberate conspiracy eventually. Much of our view of reality has been manufactured in order to deceive us, by someone or something. This is the undeniable Illuminati. If you go deeper into reptilians, the nature of the matrix, connections to ancient history and all that, it’s very difficult to say for sure what is real and what is not. Has the Illuminati existed for millennia, or are the connections to ancient past merely wishful thinking on the part of the conspirators; an attempt to make their “grand work” seem grander than it is? Or has it been invented by over-zealous conspiracy researchers? These are pertinent questions most of us are unable to answer, therefore we should ask and discuss them even more than the things we already know to be true.

Yet that is not the second aspect of the Illuminati. The first aspect being the conspiracy that a growing minority of people are beginning to see. The second is the Illuminati of our creation. The Illuminati can have power only if we believe them to have power. If we believe in their cultural meme. The Illuminati can exist just fine without us; three nerds living in a basement can form a group they call Illuminati, but it can be powerful only when vast amounts of people believe it is powerful, or rather when the organizations and people Illuminati controls are thought to be powerful. For millennia the vast majority of humanity saw the person sitting on the throne as being powerful. When he spoke, people obeyed. Now people are beginning to realize it’s actually the person behind the throne who has the power. The king is merely a puppet of more secretive and powerful group. A whole cultural meme has been born around this idea, and people debate over who or what that shadow group actually is; Freemasons, Jesuits, reptilians, the list goes on.

More important than asking who the shadow group is, is asking why do we think they are powerful? To most contemporary people the idea of kneeling in front of a king seems silly and humiliating, yet they see no problem in accepting the authority of a government, or a secretive group behind the government. The people may hate the authority figure, but they still recognize it as being a powerful authority. The whole idea of power is very abstract, yet with very concrete results. It makes sense if the “king” is a strong alpha male who says “obey me or I kick your ass!” Few people would dare to disobey him in front of him, yet he’s still one man. A group of weaker, more determined men could take him. Alternatively they could just leave and let him be the king by himself. However, instead of trying to assert their own power, many weaker men would become the king’s bitches to feast on the left-overs of his power. A cowardly act in my opinion.

In effect, this concept of power, seems to be both an idea and an emotional attachment. First of all the are bombarded with propaganda ever since birth that the king/ government/ Illuminati is powerful and you must obey, whether it is out of love or fear does not matter. You are conditioned to believe that, and not to ask why, how and what is this concept called power anyways? When it becomes a belief you get emotionally attached to it, an integral part of your reality. If someone threatens the idea, they threaten your world, thus you become defensive. Someone says to a proper law-abiding citizen that the government orchestrated the latest terrorist attack, you threaten their world where the government may make mistakes, but would never intentionally murder innocent people. Conversely you say to a conspiracy theorist the latest tragedy had nothing to do with the Illuminati, you are saying that either their authority figure is not all powerful, or perhaps does not even exist. The facts in both of these instances are only secondary, the emotion of wanting to defend that which you view to be powerful is most important. You are emotionally invested in the idea that INSERT AUTHORITY is powerful and behaves in a certain way, therefore you do not like others saying things that contradict this idea.

The more insidious side of the Illuminati is the prison which we enforce ourselves with cultural memes and emotions. Many of those memes we learned from others, yet it is us who persist holding on to them. One might ask the proverbial chicken and the egg question; are we conditioned because of the Illuminati has designed it so, or do we condition ourselves due to our inability to take responsibility for ourselves and invent the Illuminati to free us from culpability? Actually is does not matter which came first, as both are true. We deceive and enslave ourselves, and we are deceived and enslaved by the Illuminati. To unslave (borrowed from M. Tsarion) ourselves, we need to stop playing their game of thrones. We don’t need to believe in any external authority, benign or malign, government, church, king or secret society. We can and should recognize their existence, but they can only have power when we agree to it. A movie is entertaining only if we feel it is. A book is profound only if we agree it is. A dish tastes good only is we think it does. That is how the power lies in us. We have the power to create any control structure to oppress us if we so desire, as well as we have the power live without any system. Choice between love and fear. Be bad-ass or suck ass.


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