Emotional Robots, Rising above Emotion

People are controlled by their emotions, yet they celebrate those emotions. They are kept in a pen, an intellectual level, a frequency where only their emotion matters to them. A thing gives them good emotion, the thing is good (tasty food, music, Obama smiling). A thing gives them bad emotion, the thing is bad (bad food, annoying behaviour, terrorism). If, however, something sends them mixed emotion or they cannot relate to it, it does not exist in the world of the people. They might recognize it exists somewhere out there beyond, but not in the pen they are kept in. It does not matter to them. Like ants looking at an aeroplane; they might see it, recognize it’s a thing, but unable to comprehend what it is and why it is there.

A day or two ago there was an article on Infowars which mentioned how the main stream media doesn’t portray anyone being angry about the Boston bombings. Sadness and fear are good to show, but anger is difficult to control. It might cause them to break the chains, so anger is not allowed. Not only are people kept in this emotional prison by emotions, but the emotions they experience are controlled.

Yet it’s not too difficult to break out of this prison. All you need to do is stop identifying with your emotions. You don’t have to let go of emotions, merely recognize them as an aspect, a detail to be looked at like the wrinkles on your fingers or that scar on your knee. Start looking at life from a perspective other than the one told to you by your emotions, since you are not your emotions. Emotions are basically beliefs. It’s impossible not to have them, yet you mustn’t hold on to beliefs or they will tie you down. Let them go free.

Not being enslaved by emotion does not make you a robot; I’d rather say it is the opposite. When emotions rule over you, you are predictable and programmed to do actions the emotions tell you to. Rising above emotion means you have those emotions, but you discover other things in yourself as well as the outside world. You see things differently. This is no New Age wishy washy stuff neither. I can give you a few concrete examples of how I rise above my emotions (hopefully) every day. For example, now I’m writing this blog. I’m doing something I deem meaningful, even though before I started writing my emotions said it’s boring and bothersome, I should just watch Youtube. Yet now I’m doing it, and actually feeling more free than ten minutes ago. Same goes for doing boring stuff what I don’t like such as school work. I don’t like doing it, yet I’ve told myself I’m gonna have to do it eventually, so better to get it out of the way as soon as possible, even though the emotions wanna act like a spoiled brat.

Today I was having dinner with some friends and one of them made a sort of snide remark of me having commented on Facebook on the Boston Bombing being a false flag and other stuff. My emotions said it’s embarrassing to talk about it and I should dissolve the situation, still I didn’t do it. I spoke my mind using concepts those guys could relate to, how it’s in the interest of the government to keep citizens in fear to control them, etc. I wasn’t very eloquent, but at least I don’t think they saw me as a mere “conspiracy nut” and I gave them something to think about.

Not being too concerned with your emotions is more human than being caught in them. A higher level of perception, yet not all that high in the end. I’d say the kind of logic and reason inherent in behaviour where you judge things based on facts and observation, such as looking at false flags and calling a spade a spade, is a higher level of perception than looking at false flags and thinking “I don’t think the government would kill their own people” based on nothing but emotion (“I wouldn’t do something like that, nor would the idea of government that exists in my head.”). Yet reason is at best a tool. Something to help rid yourself of weeds. It cannot make you grow pretty flowers or tasty fruit. For that level of perception you have to view things from an even higher point, a more spiritual approach, which is something I’m still struggling with. The higher you go, the less robotic you become. Even though I doubt it’s actually some sort of hierarchy, that personal evolution is a tower where you climb up taking increasingly more difficult exams on each floor. “Higher” is probably an inaccurate word, perhaps “truer” or “more real” would be better.


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