Why use Crisis Actors?

When I first wrote about the Boston Bombings in the post Desensitized to Violence, Marathon Bombing and False Flags, I commented on the bloody pictures I’d seen: “I’ve seen similar stuff in countless movies and video games. This one, of course, is supposed to be real so it felt a bit different and more gruesome.” I really thought the pictures were real, yet I felt at the time I should add the “is supposed to be”, since I’ve learned to not trust what I see. I’m glad I did (merely to save my ego the humiliation of being gullible), as it seems crisis actors were used during the event. I’m still not saying it’s 100% false flag, nor that they were crisis actors, but it sure does look like it. And I’m yet to hear a convincing alternative explanation for the bombing.

The pictures of the guy in the wheel chair and the woman with the “fake blood bottle” do seem like actors. I’m even suspicious of the body of dead Tamerlan. Could it be photoshopped?


If in fact actors were used during the attack, why? After all they’re taking the risk of being exposed. Is it just to manufacture propaganda pictures? There were many real victims, shouldn’t photos of them be enough? I think the crisis actors were used to convince people it wasn’t a false flag. A lot of people are simply unable to accept the idea that they would use actors for something like this. Also, if conspiracy nuts point out they used actors, some can go overboard and shoot themselves in the foot by claiming the whole event was fake. They probably want us to scream out loud they are actors, so we prove to people sitting on the fence we are delusional. The idea of a false flag may not be so far out to a lot of people, but the idea of using actors in a real tragedy is out of the question to them. The conspirators have to offer all sorts of red herrings and wild geese to chase, as well as conflicting information so people start arguing over small details and don’t see the forest from the trees, which is that the whole set up stinks.

Also the bombing might act as a diversion. Perhaps the explosion in the Texas fertilizer plant wasn’t an accident. I really don’t know much about it, I’m not saying there’s necessarily anything fishy about it. We should find out. Of course both explosions might be diversions for something else (CISPA), or something I haven’t even heard of because I’d been preoccupied with this stuff.


3 thoughts on “Why use Crisis Actors?”

  1. If the Obama administration was going to fake an attack, they’d have framed some poor tea party sap. So, no, I think you are being a paranoid lunatic in thinking this was faked. Obama the Muslim president would not admit in a million years a terror attack was committed by Muslims unless he was dragged to it kicking and screaming by reality. I mean even after Obama admitted it, Joe Biden tried to downplay it by calling the Muslim terrorists “knockoff Jihadis” as if they somehow weren’t the real thing. The Administration doesn’t want this: they wanted it to be a Republican bomber. The fact they aren’t saying that proves to me that it was real.

    1. However, having said all that, it is interesting that the same woman is interviewed on CNN as a witness both at Boston and in the Sandy Hook shooting according to this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbqVqI1cWXc That doesn’t prove either event fake — just that CNN is run by liars who use fake witnesses. Although….it does make you wonder…

    2. You’re free to disagree with me and tell your opinions, but please do be polite. I regard being called “a paranoid lunatic” quite impolite. Moreover I didn’t say I think it was faked, I said it looks like it’s faked.

      They possibly wanted to frame a tea party patsy, but were forced to use plan B, because of all the pictures circulating the internet.

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