Morphic Fields, the Akashic Records and Divine Aspects

The idea of Morphic Fields is getting me somewhat excited. I first heard about them a few years ago, the idea seemed interesting, but I didn’t quite understand it so it slipped under my radar. A couple of months ago the controversy about TED censoring the talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake (and the third guy whose name no-one remembers) brought them to my attention again.

Sheldrake is the one promoting the theory of Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields, yet, according to him, he wasn’t the one who invented the concept. Morphic Fields are a kind non-physical template which tells both physical and non-physical things (ideas and beliefs) how to manifest. Think of them as programs in this computer generated matrix we live in, where as physical things like people, animals, trees and houses are manifestations of the program, and so are our patterns of behaviour and our thoughts. It’s becoming more clear to me that there indeed exists something non-physical, non-local which is far more real than the matter our churches of Science feed us to believe. I have only a very superficial understanding of what Sheldrake says about it, yet I think I’m beginning to understand just what he is talking about. Right now I want to express my understanding of what the Morphic Fields are, and then look deeper into his work to find out if it matches with what he is saying. Is this an intuitive understanding of a deeper level of reality, or a New Agey wishful fantasy?

For the last couple of months I’ve been pondering about the Morphic Fields, and their function and purpose. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw on Red Ice Creations an interview of Chris Thomas with the words Akashic Record next to his name. It hit me: Morphic Field is the Akashic Records. I had heard about the Akashic as a teenager and found the idea extremely fascinating, yet I was unable to imagine how it could be anything more than a myth. The Akashic is a mystical record from Vedic (Indian) that supposedly records everything that has ever happened (the Book of Life from the Bible?) Chris Thomas claims he has a natural connection to the Akashic and he can easily draw information from it. Of course it is not a book, nor any kind of paper scripture but am energetic form of some sort, but as a teenager I thought how could everything that exists be written in a book, how big it would be, would it record meaningless stuff like how many times I’ve taken a dump?

Anyway, after connecting the idea of the Morphic Fields and the Akashic Records together, I googled it and seemed like other people had thought of it too. In fact, seems like Rupert Sheldrake himself has also said they are the same thing. Plato’s plane of ideas has also been connected with the Morphic Fields. This realization has helped me connect many previously errant dots together. Currently it seems so, time will tell if this turns out to be a wild goose chase. However, even if it is, at least I get some exercise.

The Morphic Fields give us our physical form. I think of it like a computer game with 3D polygon graphics. All humans use the same basic template, but individuals have different details to their Skin. Animals like wolves, cows and non-humanoid monsters are different from humans, but closer to them than the template for trees. In addition to the physical body, the Fields define our personality, beliefs and memory. The mind too is probably a Morphic Field. We have our personal fields, but they are entangled together with more universal Fields, such as Christian, British or male. A belief system is in effect a Field, a frequency shared by people who live within that Morphic Field. It is difficult to relate to someone who is attuned to a different frequency than you. For example, here in Korea many of my class mates are little girls who like Korean pop idols, I on the other hand find them uninteresting at best as I am not attuned to that frequency or channel. I don’t even pay much attention to the realm of Korean pop music, except if I see an annoying effeminate boyband on TV, I noticed it for long enough to consciously turn my head away. On the other hand if I see a girl group with pretty ladies, I pay more attention since I am attuned to the channel of Pretty Girls, even though I don’t care about commercial pop music.

These different fields and frequencies don’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s difficult to say where one begins and another ends. They are intermingled in a sea of Morphic Fields, with enormous fields encompassing smaller ones. The universe is one field, the galaxy is one, the solar system is one, the Earth is one, a continent is one, a nation is one… Within one nation there are various people with various beliefs and desires from Christian conservatives, to atheistic liberals and cooky conspiracy nuts. They have difficulty interacting with one another because quite literally they are not on the same page in the Akashic Record. That is why it does not matter how hard you provide evidence that 9/11 was an inside job to someone if it is in direct opposition of a major Morphic Field they are strongly attuned to. Such a false flag is impossible in the world of a boring academic or a “good law abiding citizen”, their Morphic Field can not contain such information therefore their hearts and minds will reject the information until something changes the Morphic Field. Morphic Fields can of course be changed with information. Either a stronger Morphic Fields affects the weaker one, or an individual can consciously decide to change things within his field. He can choose not to identify with one field anymore, or try to strengthen his affinity with another. For example when I was younger I had strong instinct to despise Christianity and identify with atheism, however some years ago I ceased identifying with both world views.

Sheldrake says these fields have habits of doing something. Habits can be hard to change, occasionally they do change. At times they change by themselves or because you want them to change. If you have a habit of believing what the government and the media say, you do it for a long time until you begin to realize it conflicts with what you see. This is often painful, as it means one Morphic Field you were attuned to is being overridden by another. Something within you is under attack. However the field you were attuned to was harmful to you, it is a positive change.

The Morphic Field is information. Like in the Matrix movies the green letters and numbers on the screen. That is what defines us, not the external shell we’re used to seeing. This information spans beyond our puny existences as well. The gods of various cultures referred probably originally to Morphic Fields as well, god of thunder, god of the sea, god of war and so on. These descriptions are merely modern watered down interpretations of something we don’t understand anymore. The Norse god Thor is not merely a god of Thunder, he is associated with thunder, but he is more than an anthropomorphization of one natural phenomenon. Ares is not just a god of war, especially since war is a fairly abstract concept. The pantheons of countless cultures refer to the Morphic Fields, especially the Egyptian Neters.

If practically all information is contained in these non-local fields, and the fields can change, then would it mean that the laws of reality can change as well? I think so. One reason why life and people’s perception of reality was so different a few millennia ago is that it was different. The field they lived in was different. Their reality was different. The age of Taurus was different to Pisces and Aquarius will be different too.

The Morphic Fields seem to explain countless questions I’ve had over the course of time from synchronicity and telepathy to romantic love and past life experiences. Yet many questions still remain such a what is the nature of time, is it another field or just a state of perception? It seems that Morphic Resonance is what creates the field, what is it? I’ll probably try to explore those questions later but right now I’m quite happy with these new discoveries. Yet it must be stated that the Morphic Resonance and Field are a theory, and my understanding of the matter is mere conjecture. Take it with a grain of salt, yet I feel like I’m going somewhere with this. Also one question may arise about his: “What if the Morphic Fields are what I described, so what? What practical benefit will this knowledge bring?” A good question, and right now I have no other answer but understanding how things really work, instead of having dry mathematical theories for convenience, should eventually bear tasty fruit.


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