Conspiracy of Stupid

Living in Korea and thus being forced to bear the superficial corporate “culture” of the K-pop industry and idol obsession (and I thought Korea was a fairly Christian country: see the Second Commandment) is somewhat taxing at times. I’m trying not to be judgmental of other people, but sometimes the ire just keeps accruing being surrounded by people whose greatest concern seems to be the latest fad generated by the corporate machine, therefore I must eject the mental and emotional excrement. Not everyone here is like that, but too many are.

It’s hardly an original claim to say that the modern society is superficial and short-sighted, but I just have a hard time understanding why as in the end being superficial and short-sighted is synonymous to being fucking stupid. If I’m honest, I have to say modern society is fucking stupid, even though we’re supposed to have more science and understanding than our ancestors. How can our society be so stupid then?

Being concerned with superficial affairs isn’t necessarily bad. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear good looking clothes, having a nice house or using polite pleasantries in conversation, the problem is when you think the surface is all there is. Anyone older than ten years old should understand that just because someone has a nice smile and an expensive suit does not mean they are a good guy, yet the majority of humanity seems to believe just that (maybe you’ve heard of this guy called Obama..). An adult should understand that even though a pop star looks very pretty, it does not mean that if she was your girlfriend your life would be better. Especially since people should understand that they are plastically surgerized, photoshopped and made-up to look pretty. Yet a lot of guys just care about the good looking image they are shown. Same superficiality extends to science, social issues and politics as well. Scientists think only the things we can see are real, i.e. matter. Even though real science has more or less proven it to be untrue. Consciousness is somewhere in the brain, they assume, without any actual evidence. The idea looks good, we don’t need to dig deeper. There’s a terrible hat-based accident: make a new law regulating the distribution of hats. Don’t look at the cause, just do something so it looks like you’re doing something. There’s a school shooting: ban guns. Don’t look at the reason why this individual felt he had to shoot a bunch of people. Don’t look at the possibility of a false flag, or the involvement of anti-depressants or any other reasonable causes. Politicians try their best to fix society’s problem since they say they do. There’s no conspiracy behind the facade. The media does not lie. The medical establishment isn’t there to make money, but to heal you. Don’t look beyond the shallow veneer.

Short-sightedness in another trademark of our society, and another side of the coin of superficiality. Don’t understand events as a logical progression, instead see them as isolated incidents, mixed in a bowl where you just randomly pull stuff to face one at a time. Credit crunch: ouch. Terrorism: eek. New pop fad: woohoo! (I’m too out of the loop to even know what annoying reality show is popular nowadays.) Natural disaster: argh. The news seem to have a fortnightly memory. Forget simple cause and effect, or emerging patterns, like Saddam was put into power in Iraq by the US, then attacked by the same country. The Taliban was put into power by the US, then attacked by them. What the fuck are you talking about? Who cares? Let’s bomb them. KABOOOOM! Don’t look at history. The Nazis took guns away from their citizens and oppressed and murdered them in nasty ways. Same goes for the Soviets and Mao’s cultural revolution. So what? No connection to contemporary US. Society basically thinks: it’s too bothersome to go to the toilet, I’ll take a dump on my bed instead. There’s no harm since I can sit on the sofa and watch TV.

In all of this insane stupidity one of pet peeves is of course the tendency to ignore notion of conspiracy, being the Conspiracy Nut™ that I am. Actually you could say that very tendency to pretend conspiracies don’t exist eventually made me a conspiracy nut. It is nothing more than a superficial way of looking at politics, big business and other “important stuff” to say conspiracies aren’t involved. I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was a teen I didn’t see  any problem with the concept of conspiracy. I didn’t believe in any global conspiracies like the Illuminati or New World Order, I just realized the obvious fact that occasionally people do conspire. Especially politicians, corporate whores, purveyors of religious dogma and other criminals. It’s just takes common sense and basic understanding of language, i.e. the meaning of the word conspiracy to know that. Yet I learned from society you shouldn’t talk about conspiracies, I didn’t know why, but I didn’t want to become a victim of this conspiracy against common sense. Only by having a very superficial and short-sighted view of society, in other words being very stupid, you can exclude the influence of conspiracies.

The media that simply wants your attention by using the lie of  presenting the truth is a conspiracy. The medical establishment selling you drugs to make money with the excuse of making you healthy is a conspiracy. The academic establishment is full of conspiracies too by covering up important facts about technologically advanced ancient societies as one example. Militaries pretend to be for defense, yet attack other countries, that’s a conspiracy too. Our whole fucking society is a conspiracy. All of these aren’t necessarily consciously interconnected conspiracies orchestrated by one master mind like the Illuminati. It’s possible but as of late I’m leaning towards the idea that we the people invented the Illuminati to protect our idiocy. A few thousand years ago for some reason the consensus of humanity was that we want to be fucking stupid and ignorant. It worked for a while, but then there were some guys who weren’t stupid enough. They asked too many questions, refused the consensus in favour of reason, intuition or morality. We couldn’t have that. We killed them, but then there were more. We had to become a bit smarter to protect our idiocy, a step backward to take a leap forward, so we started to conspire against our better judgment. We created religious institutions, dogma, civilized societies and secret societies to tell us what to do so we’d steer clear of the sin of thinking and exploring things for ourselves. We just like being stupid. I’d rather use my intelligence to protect my stupidity than to actually be smart. Perhaps this is the only we way can perpetuate the notion that we are human, and not something else like an infinite soul experiencing a finite existence (or infinite consciousness having an experience).

P.S. Max Igan, whom I respect immensely, says people who believe this fictional system we live in, is real, do so only because they’ve been told that’s how they should believe. I disagree. It’s a choice. I had been told the same crap, and I refused to accept it. Maybe I just arrived one day late. The first day everyone got a memo saying let’s agree to be stupid. Then me and others who like to question things got there, and saw people acting like idiots, and didn’t understand why. Maybe we’re the ones being assholes by trying to ruin the inner joke everyone else is in on. Maybe we don’t see the big picture. Or maybe they just like being stupid. Conspiracy or no conspiracy to manipulate people into acting like soulless cattle for corporate cocksuckers to play with, the majority does seem to go along with quite happily.


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