People are fucking stupid. I hate them. I wish I was my own universe separate from them so I didn’t have any responsibility to them. Le sigh.

Even when I was a kid I cared about nature. I guess mainly because animals were so cute. It angered me that humanity kept annihilating the environment in various ways with little thought about the consequences of their actions. I thought (when I wasn’t absorbed in Amiga 500 games or playing with toys) the human race should be wiped out completely as I saw it was beyond redemption. That was before I heard about any elite agendas for population reduction or had seen 12 Monkeys. In the early nineties people didn’t seem at all concerned about the environment, except maybe their backyard. The media wasn’t promoting environmentalism so people didn’t care. The general public didn’t, of course there was Green Peace and stuff like that back then. Although since I was aware of the evil actions of people, I guess the media gave some attention to the environment.

Nowadays almost everyone is worried about global warming, proudly recycles their waste and companies like add the word “green” to their products or projects to gain more popularity. It’s fashionable to care about the environment. Here in Korea they started using special plastic bags in 1995, that you have to pay for, for different kinds of waste. Burnable waste, recyclable stuff and biowaste. If you don’t use the right kind of bag, and you get caught doing it, you have to pay a fee. Sort of like the putting the wheelie bin out on the wrong day in Britain that David Icke got all excited about. At least, supposedly, the special bag thing here has wielded some positive results. Recycling stuff is certainly better than doing nothing, but how about not creating all this rubbish in the first place? How about changing things so that each individual doesn’t have to create harmful waste every day simply because he has to eat? Has anyone in the main stream thought about that? But of course we can’t do that. The profits of the corporations would suffer. You have to ship apples from Spain to Ireland and from Ireland to Germany because it’s good for the economy. You shouldn’t eat the apples in your own country. Saving the environment is great as long as it doesn’t hurt business. And nobody seems to take notice is these simple issues. That tells me one thing; the people still don’t fucking care!

People pretend to care about the environment because society says we should care, i.e. pay lip service to it. It is very much a religion. Hollow on the inside, but people can do their little rituals to look righteous and holy. Maybe it’s just because I’m lazy, but I don’t see playing around with trash, spending money and manpower on waste processing is such a good idea, since we could spend some time and effort on making sure our society runs without creating so fucking much waste in the first place. All we’d have to do is get rid of the corporations that profit from waste and environmental destruction. However our cultural meme does not say we should do it, so we don’t. The slaves would rather be industrious and clean a mess someone else made instead of making sure the mess didn’t happen in the first place.

People only care about the aspects of environmentalism they’ve been told to be concerned about like cutting rainforests, global warming and recycling. However, if the TV doesn’t tell them to be concerned with fracking or geoengineering, they won’t be.

I said I wanted the human race to become extinct when I was a kid, when I got older I learned there are some redeeming factors to humanity and we could mend our ways. Perhaps I all need to do is define words a bit better. I still want the extinction of humanity. However with humanity I mean this subrace of humanity that could be called Homo Servus (slave) or Homo Congregatio (society). These slaves to society look more like blind ant people than Homo Sapiens to me. They do not look nor experience things on their own, the outer world is invisible for them. All they see are the artificial constructs of society. That is why they care about the environment only when they’re told to do so, that is why they believe in the carbon based global warming hoax, why they cannot see the obvious false flags we are bombarded with, and they accept any injustice the government inflicts upon us as the society says it is good.

This conflict between nature and artificial is the truest manifestation of the abstract concept of good versus evil. Nature simply meaning things that are what they are regardless of our existence and they should be able to be perceived as such. Artificial is artificial, and not necessarily bad in itself, but when you begin to confuse the artificial with the natural is when evil raises its ugly head.


P.S. In Korea there are no thrash cans on the street. It’s difficult to find them in public places. However supposedly they used to have trash cans in the past. A president changed it a few years ago for some reason (I’d wager it benefited a corporation financially to do so). That president is no longer in office, so one might hope they’d reverse the unpopular decision. One can hope, but I doubt it since society…


Blood Magic

I don’t think oil consists (merely) of dead dinosaurs and whatnot. I heard years ago also the claim that oil is abiotic, i.e. not made of dead biomatter.  When I heard it, I found the idea fascinating and at least got me to think of oil in a new way. I cannot say whether the abiotic oil theorists are right or not, but eventually it lead me to the idea that oil is the blood of the earth. I have no evidence for this, no science to back it up. The only support I have this that I’ve noticed some other people have reached the same conclusion independently. The earth is a living organism and therefore needs blood to circulate, although I’ve no idea whether oil circulates or not. I would not trust main stream science or oil companies to tell me how oil behaves in it’s natural environment either. It probably doesn’t circulate according to the Consensus.

If indeed oil is the blood of the earth, sucking it out of the earth each day to nourish our machines is vampirism; or rather using the blood to animate our contraptions is blood magic. Our whole society, our way of life is based on vampirism and blood magic. Moreover roads made of asphalt are built all over the land. And asphalt is made of oil. It’s as if drawing a bloody pentagram in stereotypical Satanic ritual to sacrifice something or cast a spell. We draw these sigils all over the earth. The earth does not like asphalt. Where-ever there is asphalt the earth tries to destroy it. Leave it there for a year or two and cracks will appear, plants will force themselves through the cracks to reclaim the land. However mankind, serving the oil vampires, destroys the plants and spreads more asphalt on it. Nothing grows on asphalt. Seeds sometimes fall on it and wither.

Hitler wanted to build great motorways all over Europe, even though supposedly the scheme originated before he came to power. They want to build highways all the way from Canada to Mexico through USA (or maybe they’ve done it already). In Who Framed Roger Rabbit? the bad guy judge Doom also wanted to dismantle Toon Town in order to build vast motorways. I rest my case.

Economics is for Teenage Girls

As our world is told to obsess over the economic system and money in general we should take time to ask the question, why are economics important, and what exactly is it anyway? Economics, the stock market and all that seems very complicated which is why most people don’t understand it, yet instead of admitting it, they pretend they do in order not to seem stupid á la Emperor’s New Clothes -syndrome. I don’t really understand it either, especially I don’t understand the need for our economic system, because I think it’s bullshit. Managing resources correctly so people don’t starve, run out of materials to build houses they need, etc, is important, but this economic system we have uses vital resources as a pawn in an insane global game.

Especially the stock market is a bunch of teenage girls gossiping about the their latest crush. When the gossip is good, the guy is handsome the economy is doing well, when the girls begin to think he’s lame or disgusting the economy is bad. A new boy walks into the class room. The teen girls, i.e. stockbrokers or investors, think he’s handsome. They hear his name is Jack, very manly. Then they see he’s good at sports. The stocks are soaring. The girls hear he’s also rich. Economy is doing even better. However, then they hear a rumour he likes to torture animals. He likes a creepy anime that is notorious for perversion. He supposedly beat someone into hospital for no reason. The stocks plummet. The girls hate Jack. They lose interest. Week later they hear those nasty things were not true. It doesn’t matter, the girls’ heart has already made their judgment. This is how the stock market works. It is an art (hardly even that), not science, yet we are told it is science.

When the investors feel confident about something, the stocks are high. When they aren’t, they’re not doing well. What the fuck? It’s not based on any actual fact, science, reason or anything concrete. Just the emotions of some people we don’t know. And we let this system rule our world? Sounds like teen girls to me. I’m not saying the emotional turmoil of teenage girls is meaningless, it probably is very important for them, but the rest of us who see little significance in their neuroses shouldn’t go along with it. Let them obsess over whatever they want, while adults do important stuff, OK.

The 4th of July armed march to Washington

Adam Kokesh is promoting the idea of an armed march to Washington DC on the 4th July as a demonstration of sorts. He was arrested, spent about a week in police custody and was released recently. The march, provided they can find thousands of participants, sounds heroic on the surface, but beyond the surface it’s hard not to be skeptical.

It’s good for the American people show their power and make use of their Second Amendment rights. But it’s never that simple, is it? There’s always something we don’t see. Factors we have consider by intuition and experience. The shadows behind the scene. Nothing is ever exactly as it says on the package.

Anthony Gucciardi pointed out some good points how the march could be used against the people. For example somebody fires a gunshot, even if the police start it, the media will spin it the way to say “Right-wing gun nuts fired at the police”. Alex Jones also alluded to this in an interview with Adam Kokesh. It’s very hard to imagine any sort of agent provocateurs would not be employed in such an event. Surely Adam Kokesh knows this. He’s full of bravado, but does he have any actual plan of making the march work as intended? He said something like he’s gonna inspect every participant himself if need be, but what sense does that make? If there are thousands of people, how can he smell the bad apples from the crowd of countless strangers?

My guess is either Adam Kokesh is acting rashly and emotionally, wanting to do something big, and in essence being used by The Powers That Be, or he’s controlled opposition. I know it’s not very “kosher” to accuse people of being controlled opposition, and I’m not accusing him, I’m merely considering a possibility. I’m hardly an expert when it comes to Adam Kokesh. I’ve seen some of his videos before. He said some nice things, but I never really found much incentive to start following his work in any detail. So let’s just say this is my conspiracy theory. Something that in my mind could be true, but really I have little actual evidence to say anything for certain.

When I first heard of Kokesh couple of years ago I was suspicious of him, simply because I’m suspicious of everyone. I think everyone who is part of the opposition is controlled opposition when I first see them. That’s basically how I work. But he seemed after seeing a few videos, but not that interesting to me, as I already noted. But when I heard about the arrest, and it was filmed too, it reminded me of Charlie Veitch. If I remember correctly he was arrested too bit before he became a complete turncoat and spouted complete shite about the 9/11 official version being true. I assume during the time he was under arrest he was being given new instructions, training by his handlers. Possibly the same is the case for Adam Kokesh. Of course the arrest has the additional effect of giving him more attention, and it was reported on Infowars how he acted tough after being released:

“Released 130524 with felony charges reduced to citations which I refused to sign. Played hardball. Won. Talk to you Monday.”

Now he seems like such a bad ass hero, but let’s see what the situation is after couple of months. He looks like the Pied Piper leading kids to their doom (provided people are even intending to join his march). Whether he’s doing it intentionally or not, is hard to say.

I hope I’m wrong about this. Adam Kokesh seems like a nice guy, so let’s hope he is. I’m not saying he’s bad, I merely want to bring up the possibility. Maybe he really is a bad ass hero who is gonna show the Federal Government who’s boss. I hope so. But it’s just so difficult not to be skeptical about this stuff. Still, I think the march isn’t going to happen. Maybe that’s not even the true intention of this game, something else is. A bit of drama for the masses while actual important stuff is taking place elsewhere.

The Rape Agenda

Hollywood and much of the entertainment industry seems hell-bent on violating our favorite movies from our youth. I call this the Rape Agenda. Nowadays it seems most Hollywood movies are just remakes of older ones, or retelling of old stories or myths. Very few original stories. Not only that they take a story or a franchise we once loved and remake it into something bland or simply horrible. The best example of this would be Star Wars.

I loved Star Wars as a child, but when I got a bit older, a teenager I grew away from that. It thought Star Wars was still OK, but a bit childish. Then they made the remastered versions, which was nice. However after that they made the butchered version with all of the annoying CGI crap added. Anyone with half-a-brain hated it, we felt betrayed and hurt. Then there was Episode 1 which was awful. It hurt us more. Episodes 2 and 3 were even worse. In the end I got tired of all this Star Wars stuff. I stopped caring. What once had been a great adventure trilogy combined with some actually neat toys and computer games, had became a painful joke.

Star Wars was only the beginning. For the last ten years or maybe more, Hollywood is continuously taking a franchise from our youth and making a new version of it. Transformers, Star Trek, Marvel stuff, Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland, Evil Dead, ad nauseam. Sometimes remakes are good, a fresh way of looking at something familiar, but when most of the movies you make are remakes you have a problem. The question is why do they do this? I don’t have the full answer, but I have some ideas why they might be doing it. And the answer, is of course multifaceted.

1. Hollywood is run by reptiles with no imagination or originality, therefore they have to rip off old ideas to make money. That is probably one reason, but not the whole reason.

2. Taking your childhood fantasies and distorting them makes you more apathetic toward the world. You no longer care about things you thought were important to you as you let go off it, thus it is easier for the New World Order to push their agenda unhindered. Making bad movies might seem far off from being a form of social control but along with countless other factors they can affect people’s behaviour.

3. Re-writing history in an Orwellian manner. For us old people (I’m 31) who still remember the “good old days” it may not work as well, but for young people (20 and under) it gives a wrong idea of those movies, of our cultural history. How many preteens have seen the original versions of the Star Wars movies, without the CGI? They might not even know they’ve been altered, or if they know they don’t care because they’ve told this is newer, better. Kids tend to like new things and see old things as musty and boring. They see the new Star Trek movie and think that is Star Trek. It is not. It is only the shell of Star Trek. It just looks more flashy, new, energetic compared to the old stuff, kids think it’s better compared to the Original Series which has silly cardboard sets, guys in silly costumes pretending to be aliens and so on. The new one looks so much better. But is has no content. It might be entertaining (to some), but those remakes have no idea what the soul of the original was.

If they can just rewrite movies like that to suit their purposes, what prevents them to write history that way too? The remakes try to make it is seem as the original didn’t matter. It wasn’t good enough, or suitable for our agenda. We can remake it in our image. It’s as if historical facts do not matter, all you need to know are a few details you can spin anyway you want as long as it sounds good.

The myths of my generation are our movies and video games. They gave us a sense of identity of who we are. They gave us philosophical concepts to ponder about. Adventures to inspire us. Moral dilemmas to worry about. Our myths did not consist of pantheon of ancient gods and heroes like Zeus and Hercules, or even the Bible. They were for older, rural generations. My childhood heroes varied from Luke Skywalker to the ninja turtle Michaelangelo. Treasure Island Dizzy and Final Fantasy VII inspired me in many ways. Among my current heroes are captains Kirk and Picard. They inspire me to be something better, to hold on to values I deem important. It doesn’t matter I know they are fictional heroes. In fact, I think it is good that way. Yet when someone tries to distort the image of those heroes, it does concern me. I have every right to see that as an attack toward something I care about. I have a responsibility to do so.

Most of these remakes movies are watered down entertainment at best. You may argue as much as you want whether a particular remake was good or not. If it was faithful to the original, and how faithful it should be in the first place, since it’s a different movie it should be different in some ways. None of that matters, since I don’t care about the entertainment value of the movie that much. There are countless ways of being entertained in this world. The argument is that the remakes can never capture the spirit, the message of the original, whatever that was. Telling a story, a good one, is always based on the author having something he or she wants to say. A message, a feeling, an experience, an idea, the sense of adventure. That is why real people tell stories. However I don’t see that is most of the remakes, not in contemporary Hollywood. It’s more about selling something. If they really wanted to tell a story, they’d make original stories instead rehashing old ones. Like the Troy movie which came out some years ago, where Brab Pitt played Achilles. I watched it a few months ago. It was OK, I didn’t have many complaints about it. Yet, I still cannot understand why it was made. What was the story they wanted to convey. It was more like they have this big movies industry with all the machines and people so they have to use it. Like the arms industry. They make new weapons every year, so someone has to find a war to fight in order to be useful, so the industry keeps making more weapons.

I don’t hate all remakes. For example the new Battlestar Galactica was great, and I guess it’s not Hollywood since it’s a TV series. That series had a message, philosophical and spiritual issues to think about, mysteries to marvel and exciting adventure. It wasn’t merely a nicely painted shell.


Supposedly two months ago in March a meteorite hit the moon causing the biggest explosion observed on the moon. And we hear about it now… two months later. I thought the moon was made of cheese, but it smells fishy to me. First of all it’s a significant scientific event that even amateurs and people of all walks of life would find fascinating. That sort of stuff is usually reported in the media when it happens. Why not this one? There’s even a small video about it. I don’t see the meteorite anywhere, that doesn’t mean it’s not there, yet the video might just be anything. May not even be connected to the explosion they are talking about. Might be fake, airbrushed, who knows.

If you’ve read David Icke, Richard C. Hoagland or Ingo Swann you know there is something strange about the moon. I’m not saying what the authors are saying is necessarily the whole truth, but they’ve convinced me there’s more to the moon than we generally think. For example it’s hollow, artificial and something or someone probably lives there. In the NASA video they even say the moon doesn’t have any atmosphere so meteors hit it often, yet I finished reading Ingo Swann’s book Penetration just last week and according to him there is some sort of weak atmosphere there. I’ll definitely trust Ingo Swann more than NASA.

If it wasn’t a meteorite, what blew up then? Could be bombs, some sort of warfare going on there, a weird experiment, mining, a trans-dimensional portal… My guess is something interesting happened there, NASA wanted to cover it up, but someone saw it, started asking questions so they came up with this kinetic impact story. Kinetic was one of the mode words of the NWO a couple of years ago used as an excuse for all sorts of lies.


Article and video:


Initiation Rites

The exams and tests we have to undergo in order to achieve academic success or be employed at certain companies are nothing but initiation rites. You undergo arduous and stressful experiences, but if you succeed you get to enter the society. Very similar to initiation rites of secret societies, except you hardly gain access to interesting esoteric knowledge. For most secret societies you have to go through ordeals no-one in their right mind would do, yet social pressure can make you do crazy things. Credo Mutwa said he had to eat a human head for his initiation into African mysteries, Skull and Bones novices have to lie naked in a coffin (which is something I also might like to try, though, without joining the brotherhood), Freemasons too are bound to have some sort of unpleasant rites. In the academic world you have to stress over exams days and weeks before, and when the day finally arrives you have to sit in one place regurgitating information you were to told regurgitate. The aim of initiation is not so much to teach you skills you need in your new job, but rather to make you a loyal follower.

You suffer through painful and humiliating experiences with the thought in mind that there is a reason for this, and when you pass you feel like you arrived. You suffered and you want to believe the suffering had a reason. Therefore after passing the exams/ being accepted into the secret society you, and everyone around you, tell you are good, better than those who failed or did not even try. Pain and humiliation is the price you have to pay to go forward. After all people tend not to value things they got for free as much as things they paid a lot of money for. Therefore in the so called education system the part about teaching people news skills is secondary, and the initiation brainwashing is the primary purpose.

Here in Korea, and certainly in Japan, the education system is really insane in loading stress on students. It’s hard to say which is worse. The education system in Finland is, according to my experience, better, or more accurately, not as horrible. Yet I wouldn’t praise it much. It’s a peer pressure system that indoctrinates and puts stress on people, with some real education added here and there. In Korea the yearly entrance exams into university are a major national thing. The even have a culture of superstition around the exams. Parents and relatives buy kids gifts to give them good luck or pray for them. Some gifts are practical things the student might need during the exams like a pen or a watch, but there are also things that only sound good. For example an axe is one such gift, because the verb in Korean to chop with an axe is 찍다 (jjikta), the verb for marking off wrong answers in a test is also 찍다, therefore an axe is seen as bringing good luck (I don’t think they bring the axe to the exam room though.)

One might say it is cute, having some fun with puns in the school world, and I’m just being uptight by bitching about it. I don’t think it’s very fun for the young people who have to suffer through the exams. Instead of trying to make an unbearable situation less bad with trinkets, they could change the whole system. It’s very stressful for students. Some commit suicide, others break down in desperation since they don’t wanna do it, yet after the breakdown they realize they have little choice and go through with it. And this is how the initiation rites works. It quite literally eliminates the chaff from the wheat, and tempers the survivors to be eager slaves. Once you undergo all of this psychological torture, the fear, the humiliation, yet are able overcome it, and are lauded for it, the initiation is complete. You have been forged a sharp tool for the corporate masters. You can become a good employee for Samsung, LG or some other corporation. And you won’t dare bitch about it as you were at least successful. You may not be happy about it, but you made it. You lived through hell.

I feel like watching Full Metal Jacket again.