Stupid and Reasonable Frequencies

Reason is not something that humanity uses by nature. We might have the capability in some abstract sense, especially compared to other animals who do not seem to possess rationality in any sense. Yet no-one lives their life rationally, or if they do, they’d probably be called enlightened Bodhisattvas. Most people seem to apply reason only in selected situations. For example guy A uses reason when driving his car in traffic, whereas guy B drives like a complete idiot with like conscious consideration of his actions. However guy A may spend his money based on any random impulse that hits him, whereas B uses money rationally. Reason and rationality in this case mean thinking consciously one’s actions and their consequences.

Instead of using reason to decide how to act, nearly all of us seem to be more concerned with what society says is the correct way. That goes especially for “sheeple” and unconscious people, but I’d say it’s also for those a bit more “awakened”. The “society” we belong to is just a little different. A subculture, if you will. There are some subcultures, such as academics, who like to promote the idea of reason, instead of religious belief for example, yet in their culture it is more important to seem rational than actually think and act rationally. That is why they promote Evolution and the materialistic world view, and attack or ridicule anyone who thinks differently, as to them both beliefs seem rational. However if their belief in those theories was truly rational they’d welcome criticism and alternative views in place of trying to silence them.

I’d like to add, being truly rational does not mean that you suppress your feelings or personality, only the irrational who pretend to be rational do that. Since we have feelings it is rational to try to keep them positive, because when we are happy we are more in control of who we are, and can act rationally. Sometimes watching a silly movie or playing a violent video game might be the most rational thing you can do, and especially getting laid is one such thing.

For most of us rationality is a by-product at best, or something we have to resort to when the going gets tough. We prefer not to do it. The previous post about stupid, superficial and short-sighted society is based on this realization. Society is stupid, superficial and short-sighted, therefore the people are too. They are attuned to the morphic field of that particular society, so they live according to the information they are fed. Those of us who have had hard time accepting their view of reality have been attuned to a different morphic field. It doesn’t mean we are smarter, rather the signal that controls us is smarter. It wants us to fix things. Perhaps we are equally enslaved, even though our slaver is nicer.

I’d say David Icke’s Moon Matrix which, according to him, sends a false sense of reality to the people, is another morphic field. Whether or not that has anything to do with the moon, I cannot say. Before I learned about morphic fields I somehow felt the majority of people are tuned to some frequency to which I remain tone deaf. Now it seems like there is a reasonable explanation. If indeed our sense of reality, our sense of perception and beliefs are actually a frequency projected onto us, if we can change the frequency, we might be able to “wake up” others. This is very much contrary to my previous beliefs that some people are simply spiritually and intellectually unable to arise beyond what is told to them by society. Now it seems I too simply believe what is fed to me by another “society” or frequency, so we aren’t that different. The major difference is only that their frequency is an old and dated one, whereas this morphic field of the “awakened” is at least a step to the right direction (I hope). How to change the morphic fields I really cannot say as of yet.


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