Facts may be malleable

If indeed the information that makes up our bodies and other material things, and even ideas and beliefs are morphic fields, and morphic fields can be altered, then it would suggest that facts can be altered too. Everything is indeed ephemeral. Something that people have accepted as an immutable fact, a myth, may in the course of time change into a silly superstition. Christianity was the absolute truth to majority of European for almost 2000 years, even though everyone had their own interpretation of what Christianity is, they shared some unquestionable core beliefs. Nowadays, however, Christianity is dying off. Mostly people who refuse to update their programming still buy into that particular dogma. Materialistic atheism is the new thing that majority of Westerners believe in. Even though, fortunately, it is gradually being overtaken by new, and hopefully more spiritual and reasonable, beliefs.

Perhaps the reason why countless people unwaveringly believed in Christian dogma isn’t just that they were ignorant, or brainwashed by the church, but the morphic field that gave them their sense of reality made the facts seem like the Bible, God and Jesus are absolutely real. Whereas the morphic field that is dominant now has little room for concept like miracles or invisible and intangible intelligences. They are just a different frequency. One channel is sports, and the other is dry documentary. From a higher perspective both are simply frequencies, yet caught within one it all seems like the absolute truth. Like if you’re watching a good movie you get caught up in the story and forget for a moment it’s fiction, but if you’re working backstage shooting the movie you have no such illusion.

Many “primitive” cultures, at least according to my understanding, held stories in great significance. Sacred stories told what had happened, where we came from, how we should be living our lives. I’m starting to think the stories are indeed somehow more real than the flesh we currently inhabit. Tribal cultures deeply connected to nature saw themselves as part of nature, equal to other animals and even plants, as that is what their stories said. Then the stories changed that humanity is better than nature, we were God’s favourite, and our way of life started to reflect that. Then we became a cosmic accident who are supposed to fight for survival. However that story is particularly harmful, so we have to change it, and it is changing. In this way, we might also be able to wake up the masses. We don’t have to accept the story that the majority are simply sheeple, we can write another one.

Note that I said facts are malleable. The truth, I believe, is not. It is deeper, more real than mere facts. Truth is something that defines this system, or eco system of stories, we inhabit. Truth is something that can be relied on even if the facts are fleeting. How to actually gain hold of truth is best left for one’s intuition and reason.


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