Supposedly two months ago in March a meteorite hit the moon causing the biggest explosion observed on the moon. And we hear about it now… two months later. I thought the moon was made of cheese, but it smells fishy to me. First of all it’s a significant scientific event that even amateurs and people of all walks of life would find fascinating. That sort of stuff is usually reported in the media when it happens. Why not this one? There’s even a small video about it. I don’t see the meteorite anywhere, that doesn’t mean it’s not there, yet the video might just be anything. May not even be connected to the explosion they are talking about. Might be fake, airbrushed, who knows.

If you’ve read David Icke, Richard C. Hoagland or Ingo Swann you know there is something strange about the moon. I’m not saying what the authors are saying is necessarily the whole truth, but they’ve convinced me there’s more to the moon than we generally think. For example it’s hollow, artificial and something or someone probably lives there. In the NASA video they even say the moon doesn’t have any atmosphere so meteors hit it often, yet I finished reading Ingo Swann’s book Penetration just last week and according to him there is some sort of weak atmosphere there. I’ll definitely trust Ingo Swann more than NASA.

If it wasn’t a meteorite, what blew up then? Could be bombs, some sort of warfare going on there, a weird experiment, mining, a trans-dimensional portal… My guess is something interesting happened there, NASA wanted to cover it up, but someone saw it, started asking questions so they came up with this kinetic impact story. Kinetic was one of the mode words of the NWO a couple of years ago used as an excuse for all sorts of lies.


Article and video:


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